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Film: The Magnificent Seven

Note: This page covers the film called The Magnificent Seven. For the ensemble/plot trope, see The Magnificent Seven Samurai.

Vin: I guess right about now you kinda wish you'd given your crops to Calvera, huh?
Hilario: Yes. And no. Both at the same time. Yes, when I think of what he might do. No, when I remember the feeling in my chest this morning as I saw him running away — from us. That's a feeling worth dying for. Have you ever... felt something like that?
Vin: Not for a long, long time. I, uh, I envy you.

Mexican villagers plagued by a band of bandits send a few of their number to the border to buy guns so they can defend themselves. They end up hiring seven gunmen to defend the village instead.

The Magnificent Seven — a western retelling (in both senses of the term) of The Seven Samurai that has a brilliant and memorable scorehas so much testosterone that a girl risks getting pregnant just by watching it. Numerous film historians call it one of the last great westerns.

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