Film: Inside

Much like roller coasters and hard liquor, the pregnant should stay well away from this.

"Open it, Sarah. Don't be afraid. You don't want that child. I'll take good care of him..."
La Femme

Inside ("└ l'intÚrieur") is a French slasher film released in 2007.

On a bleak, rainy day a pregnant photojournalist named Sarah Scarangelo is involved in a grisly two vehicle crash, an accident that kills her husband, Matthieu. Skipping ahead four months, the film depicts a now bitter, detached, and depressed Sarah being told by her doctor that she should go into labor the next day, Christmas. Preferring to be alone to wait out the inevitable birth, Sarah blows off her mother, Louise, and is given a lift home by her boss, Jean-Pierre, who she arranges to have drive her to the hospital the next morning.

As Sarah tries to get comfortable in her desolate little house, her attempts at rest and relaxation are interrupted by a knock at the door. A female voice (belonging to simply "La Femme") tells Sarah that she needs to use her phone, due to car trouble. A wary Sarah refuses to allow the visitor entry, and when they persist, Sarah claims her husband is sleeping upstairs, and does not want to be disturbed. Things turn terrifying when the woman refers to Sarah by name, and reveals she knows Sarah's husband is dead. As the woman stalks around outside, smashing a window, Sarah tries to take her picture, and calls the police. When a trio of officers arrive and look around, finding no trace of the menacing woman, they reassure Sarah before leaving, claiming they will send a unit over to check in on her later on, being unable to stay due to riots periodically breaking out throughout the area due to civil unrest.

Put at ease, at least somewhat, Sarah, after noticing what looks like the mysterious woman in the background of some old pictures she had taken, heads to bed, but is rudely awakened by the woman jabbing a large pair of scissors into her belly button. Managing to fight the intruder off, a bruised and bloodied Sarah locks herself in the bathroom, unable to warn Jean-Pierre or Louise (who she accidentally kills, thinking she was her attacker) when they stop by of the threat the woman poses. Obviously deranged, the woman eventually makes clear her intention to claim Sarah's baby, and will kill anyone who tries to stop her from cutting the infant out of the expectant mother's womb.

Noted as being a prime example of Gorn, this picture has so much bloodshed it almost comes off as a non-comedic splatter film. Seriously, by the end, there is probably not one inch of Sarah's house that isn't soaked in blood and guts. Suffice to say, Nightmare Fuel and Nausea Fuel are in high supply.

This film provides examples of the following tropes: