Film / Cobra Woman
The Cobra Queen and her handmaidens
On the exotic South-Asian island of... Harbour Island, Ramu and Tollea prepare to wed, with the help of their friend Kado. However, before the marriage can take place Tollea is kidnapped by the evil twin she didn't know she had and carried off to Cobra Island whose horrors top the nightmares of a drug soaked brain (like that's a bad thing?). Turns out Tollea's sister, Naja, is the despotic queen of the Island and high priestess of the cobra god. She also likes to feed people to the local volcano. Needless to say she hasn't had Tollea kidnapped for the sake of sisterly bonding. Of course Rau and Kado must save her.

Notable as a minor Camp classic.

This Film Contains The Following Tropes: