Fanon Pokedex / Plusle and Minun

Plusle & Minun

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]


  • Plusle [#311]


  • Minun [#312]

Notable Biology

Plusle and Minun are close relatives of the Pikachu line and share many traits with them, such as sensitive, mobile ears, cheeks packed with bioelectric cells, and the ability to discharge said bioelectricity. They are distinct from their larger cousins in the fact that they never evolve. This means that they are neotenous, and retain juvenile traits similar to that of of a Pichu all their life. In addition to this, they are distinct from each other in the fact that Plusle has red markings on its ears and cheeks, while Minun has blue markings. Plusle and Minun also seem to exhibit a strange symbiosis. It is rare to find a Plusle without finding a Minun nearby, and vice versa. At one time, it was believed that the two were males and females of the same species; later, that one evolved into the other. However, after numerous studies in captivity by Professor Oak, it is now believed that they are symbiotes and share energy with one another. Plusle help to absorb excess energy from Minun through physical contact, and vice versa. This can prove to be an incredibly effective defense; laboratory tests have shown that the total voltage emitted by a Plusle/Minun duo is equal to that emitted by a full-grown Pikachu. "Living power plants" of up to ten Plusle and Minun have been formed, and their combined power output can outright kill a Tauros.

However, the most bizarre behaviour of the lines are their instinctual gravitation to sources of flowing electricity and electromagnetism. They are very sensitive to such stimuli, and can detect the faintest charge from up to ten feet away. If found in a house, they will spend most of their day chewing on said sources. They can withstand incredible amounts of voltage with no ill effect.


Wild Plusle and Minun can be found mostly in Central Hoenn. However, they are incredibly common in towns and cities, being major outlets of electrical power. Slateport City in particular has had many problems with this adaptable line. This came to a head during the "Great Blackout" two years ago, when a nest of fifty Plusle/Minun were discovered nesting underneath the local generator after a ten-hour blackout. The mayor of Slateport recently placed a bounty on their heads. Trainers may catch as many specimens as they want, and are rewarded with a small cash bonus for each Plusle or Minun caught in the area. It is believed that some may have boarded a Kanto-bound ship; small but determined populations of the line have been sighted in Kanto. Whether they are a migrating population or simply Pokémon abandoned by their trainer remains to be seen.


Plusle and Minun are herbivores. Like Pikachu, they will mostly content themselves chewing on nuts and small seeds. Occasionally, a pack of these Pokémon will raid a farmer's crops for food.


Plusle and Minun are the most determined and ubiquitous pests in the Hoenn region. They are commonly found in cities and towns and cause havoc by chewing on any source of electrical output. Plusle and Minun infestations will commonly manifest themselves with unexpected power shortages, localized blackouts, or, in serious infestations, temporary city-wide blackouts.

In addition to this, just like their relatives Pikachu and Pachirisu, it is not wise to pick them up by surprise, as they will release enough electricity to stun a man. If threatened, though, they prefer to flee from danger.

Courting and Childrearing

Plusle and Minun are not capable of interbreeding in the wild. Mating between males and females can take place anytime, with young arriving two months after coupling.

Social Structure

Plusle and Minun live together in small packs of about five each. They are preferential to burrowing in hillsides and creating small, tightly packed communal dens.

Written by Locoman.