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  • Mawile [#303]

Notable Biology

Mawile is a small, humanoid pokemon, primarily yellow in coloration, most notable for the massive pair of black, jaw-like horns which hang off of the back of it's head, which are capable of exerting enough force to "Chew" through an Iron beam. Unlike most other pokemon classified as "Steel-Type," these horns possess the majority of the steel within a Mawile's body, with the rest found primarily in its thin coat of steel-wool-like fur; which especially picky mawile can occasionally be seen using to scrub clean a meal it intends to eat. It also has two weighted "Bangs" hanging down in front of its face, to aid it in balancing with the massive weight behind it. If these bangs are damaged, the mawile will find even walking difficult.

As a result of spending their time almost entirely in caves, mawile have developed a unique sensory system. Lacking both ears and a nose as any human would recognize them, their eyes developed to be able to see sounds in the low-light environments of their native caves alongside ordinary light, and the crux of their horns is capable of "Tasting" smells.

Recently, Professor Augustine Sycamore released several papers, identifying Mawile as one of the few pokemon to be of the newly discovered and poorly understood Fairy-Type, as well as one of a select few number of pokemon to have been recorded undergoing the process of Mega-Evolution. It is speculated that the form a Mawile takes upon Mega-Evolving may be an evolutionary leftover from a time where Mawile actively hunted large prey, instead of scavenging. In its Mega-Form, it gains a second pair of horns, which it is capable of moving and attacking with independently, doubling its offensive prowess.

Some Mawile have unique purple horns due to oddities in the metals around their birthplace- individuals with this unique coloration are highly prized by some collectors.


Mawile are commonly found in caves with large amounts of mineral deposits, and a constant source of frustration to miners in areas where they live, as they will often raid mining sites for tools and ores which have been mined. Oddly enough, they are commonly found in areas where Sableye can be found as well. Mawile are almost never found outside of the caves which they call home, though a few non-cave locations play host to Mawile populations that have been imported.


Mawile will consume nearly anything they are capable of getting their paws on, though they prefer to consume Lichens which grow around the caves in which they live, and Metals such as iron. They are not averse to stealing human tools and jewelry and devouring the metals within, often leaving the inedible materials in refuse piles.

Mawile are extremely opportunistic scavengers, and will often cannibalize the corpses of other dead Steel-Type pokemon, such as Aron, Lairon, and on a few occasions have been recorded stripping an Aggron literally to the bone after one had been killed by an agitated Tyranitar. Additionally, the dietary similarities mean that Mawile often come into conflict with Sableye, though the pack tactics and recently categorized fairy typing of Mawile mean they have the advantage during confrontations.

In captivity, Mawile require regular servings of metals alongside the ordinary food they eat. They are willing and able to eat almost any metal, so lengths of metal pipes are commonly used to feed small packs of captive Mawile, or provide multiple meals for a single Mawile. Most any metal will suffice, though wild and recently tamed ones have proven to prefer mostly-natural metals over heavily-processed ones, or alloys which do not occur in nature.


Mawile are, for the most part, difficult to antagonize. However, they are very dangerous nonetheless, and should not be taken lightly in spite of their nonthreatening appearance. Their massive jaws are easily capable of breaking bones, and they are extremely opportunistic in combat. Additionally, they will almost always attack in packs.

In combat, Mawile will use their horns as offensive weapons, and are capable of intimidating opposing pokemon, weakening their offense, or negating attempts by opposing pokemon to weaken their own attack power. Fortunately, individual Mawile are incapable of possessing both abilities at the same time; however, packs will almost certainly contain a mix of both. Additionally, a few rare Mawile possess the ability to strengthen their own attacks at the cost of simplifying their effects.

Courting and Childrearing

Mawile mate for life, with a female that reaches sexual maturity selecting a male which she believes to be the most compatible. After mating, the female will consume almost solely metals for several weeks before laying her eggs, to provide metal for their offspring's horns. A newly hatched Mawile will remain with its parents until it reaches sexual maturity itself.

Attempting to breed a mawile in captivity is difficult if it had already selected a mate in the wild, as it will almost always refuse to mate with a mawile other than its life-mate. Even a Female who has yet to select a life-mate will often refuse to mate with a male which she herself did not select. Additionally, it is very difficult to obtain the metals which are required for a female to lay her eggs.

Young Mawile in captivity can be destructive, attempting to eat almost anything they can get their mouth around. This is dangerous for the Mawile and the surrounding area, as a young Mawile is still capable of biting through softer metals such as gold, and many other soft materials. For this reason, it is advised that anyone attempting to raise a Mawile take great pains to ensure that valuable jewelry and other materials it is likely to mistake for metals be kept well out of its reach.

Social Structure

Mawile are pack creatures, who require large numbers in relatively close proximity to each other. Mated pairs live in small warrens with their offspring, often within mere meters of the warrens of other mated pairs. Young mawile are commonly seen in small groups, often play-fighting or attempting to con others out of shiny rocks that they enjoy collecting.

Males often make raids on human mining sites for metals to bring back to their mates. A small number of males, often the youngest, weakest, and least threatening, will draw attention with their adorable appearance, as the rest of the males make off with as many tools and as much mined metal as they are capable of carrying.

Captive Mawile require frequent interaction with their trainers and with fellow pokemon, whether they be other Mawile or completely unrelated pokemon, in order to remain mentally fit. Prolonged periods of isolation and solitude with little social interaction will quickly become damaging to a Mawile's psyche.

Human Society

There are numerous myths regarding Mawile, the most prevalent being that the line possess the ability to shapeshift into human women to deceive men into sharing food. Because of this, they are commonly depicted as elusive forest creatures in fantasy works.

Another, extremely common, misconception is that its horns function as an actual mouth, capable of eating food and making vocalizations, which occasionally have personalities separate from those of the mawile which they belong to.

Because of the species's recent classification of its fairy typing, it has recently begun being depicted as a Dragonslayer in multiple forms of media alongside a number of other fairy-types.

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