Fanon / Merlin (2008)

  • Fans generally assume that Gwen's mother is dead (often she is said to have died in childbirth, to parallel Ygraine) and that Merlin was named for the falcon. They also sometimes use 'Ambrosius' and 'Myrddin Wyllt' as some of the 'many names' for Merlin mentioned by the Dragon. And whether Gaius being Merlin's uncle is this or, Word of Actor (Richard Wilson believes Hunith to be Gaius' sister) or Word of God is a matter of some confusion.
  • Also, some fans say that Merlin is a warlock and not a sorcerer because he was born with his powers, and sorcerers have to learn magic. This is because Merlin is referred to as a warlock in the show, but all others are called sorcerers (some fanfiction has him angrily defending himself against accusations of being a sorcerer on these bounds). However, it's never addressed in the show, so we don't know if that's canon or not.
  • The existence of 'real' Arthurian legend also provides a huge source for fanfics, such as Mordred being Morgause's son.
  • It's often speculated that Morgana's father Gorlois was killed due to a Uriah Gambit organized by Uther. Thing is, the circumstances of Gorlois's death were described in season 1 (that he was sent into battle and Uther neglected to send him reinforcements). At the time, there was no reason to suspect Uther deliberately withheld them. By the time season 3 rolled around, the writers had decided to make Morgana Uther's biological daughter (after he had an affair with Gorlois's wife). The Retcon of Morgana's parentage throws a very different light on Gorlois's death, though it's never speculated on in the show itself.