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Fanfic Recs / Legion of Super Heroes



  • Recommended by: Blind Poet
  • A writer of mostly Timber Wolf/Phantom Girl, from the cartoonverse, they've made me ship a pairing that I had, until recently, not paid too much attention to. Every single interaction is completely in-character, and I love the variety of situations they throw them into. They're mostly fluff and adorable, but when something has angst in it, it really is angsty. It's definitely worth checking out their stories, and one of my favorite things about them is the fact that they have also explored both of those characters' parents, delving into stories about Winema Wazzo and Mar Londo, both of whom are extremely unappreciated characters that are captured marvelously in their text. If you need a reason to check out their stories, do it for the amazingness that is Winema Wazzo. I don't think I've ever loved a portrayal of a character this much.

General Fics

Back to the Place of My Worst Defeat by Abbykat

  • Recommended by: Blind Poet
  • Synopsis: "Dyrk Magz stops waiting for the Legion to call."
  • Pairings: None.
  • Version: Earth-247.
  • Comments: This is probably one of my top Legion fics, ever. It's about the little known Dyrk Magz of the Earth-247 version of the Legion, and it's absolutely wonderful. Heartbreaking, inspiring, and such a good introspection fic of this guy who should have gotten more time than he did. If you know him, you need to read this, and if you don't, you need to go read the comics he's in, just so you can read it. Utterly glorious.
  • Tags: None.

Shipping Fics

Jealousy by tokyolove

  • Recommended by: Blind Poet
  • Synopsis: "Why can't people understand that taken means taken?"
  • Pairings: Lightning Lad/Saturn Girl - Garth/Imra
  • Version: Cartoon.
  • Comments: A cute little one-shot, focusing on Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl, in the cartoonverse, where Saturn Girl finds herself just a /little/ bit jealous over the attention her boyfriend's getting... A cute, short fic that perfectly captures the nature of their relationship, and leaves Saturn Girl the jealous one for once, which I find a nice change. Short and sweet!
  • Tags: None.

Getting to Know You by XxXAlways-a-DreamerXxX

  • Recommended by: Blind Poet
  • Synopsis: "Drabble series featuring favorite couple P Gx TW. Starting from first impressions to many more experiences these two must have shared, the scenes you don't see in the series."
  • Pairings: Timber Wolf/Phantom Girl - Brin/Tinya
  • Version: Cartoon.
  • Comments: A cute little drabble series about Timber Wolf and Phantom Girl, starting with how they met and all the events that lead them to have the dynamic shown in the cartoon. It only made it up to five chapters, and isn't complete, but the drabbles already there are definitely worth the read. The characters are IC, the interactions are amusing, and Tinya is absolutely flawless, as usual. A great fic!
  • Tags: None.