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aka: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
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Authors and Websites

General Fic
Judecca by Adamant
  • Recommended by Maymei
  • Synopsis: A collection of interconnected drabbles and short stories exploring the extensive cast of Assassination Classroom. Mostly pretty serious and introspective, and full of the author's personal headcanon.
  • Comments: Interesting characterization of different character in each chapter. This fic give more insights of the more sideline casts while exploring deeper into the main cast.

sea foam cresting on the wet cold sand by kaminoko-x
  • Recommended by Maymei
  • Synopsis: His name means 'water's edge'. /Nagisa's life in 99 sentences /one-shot
  • Comments: Somewhat poetic but also very realistic. An interesting hindsight for Nagisa's future. It's not sad, not happy, just the way it is just as life so it feels very real.

Shipping Fic

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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu