Fanfic / Love at First Sight

"Just another Hermione Snape love story"
Author's description

Love at first sight is a Harry Potter fanfic chronicling the epic romance between Hermione and Severus Snape. It's a little smutty.

You can read it here.

Tropes in this fanfic:

They banged. The End

Fanfic story: New Descendants at Auradon PrepAuthor: EmersonianLink: of the trope: When the six new villainous kids arrive in Auradon, Gitane Trouillefou, the daughter of Clopin, instantly falls for Charles Frollo, the son of her people's worst enemy, even though he's quite a coward, untrue to himself, let's his fear towards his father take the best of him, and his ONE YEAR YOUNGER THAN HER.