Fan Fic / Turn Of The Tides

Turn of the Tides is a Halo and Inheritance Cycle crossover fanfiction that can be found on Fan Fiction.Net and is written by Captiosus. The story currently has five chapters (six, if you count the preview).

As Master Chief, Sergeant Johnson, Cortana, The Arbiter/Thel, 343 Guilty Spark and Commander Keyes escape from and the Flood and activate the ring to kill off the Gravemind and his forces, the portal doesn't take them back home-instead, they arrive in AlagaŽsia just as Saphira, Eragon, and the rest of the Varden are about to fight the Urgals at the Battle of Farthen DŻr. Now, they must ally with the rebels if they want to have any chance of returning home.

Another Halo and Inheritance Cycle crossover titled The Heirs to the Mantle was inspired by it.

Turn of the Tides contains examples of:

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot:the ending of Chapter 5 reveals that the recent events have made Cortana go past Rampancy and go very haywire...
    • Averted with Guilty Spark, who both survives and stays normal.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:the UNSC and Neo-Covenant forces don't even give the Varden and dwarves a chance to fight as they utterly destroy the Urgals (as well as Durza and Gurzag).
  • Drop the Hammer:Chief uses a Gravity Hammer against several Urgals to nasty results.
    • Saphira also gets a Gravity Hammer at the end of the tail on her advanced armor.
  • Fantastic Nuke:Galbatorix can create primitive magical nukes, and he also taught The Twins how to make them.
  • Lightning Bruiser:the Spartans, as well as the Shades, elves, and Riders.
    • Taken Up to 11 near the end of chapter 4, where it's revealed that Chief can use magic.
  • Million Mook March:played very straight in the Burning Plains preview, where it's revealed that exactly one million Imperial troops are approaching the Alagaesian Alliance's lines.
  • Not Quite Dead:chapter 5 reveals that Gurzag's body was destroyed, but his spirit remains.
  • Powered Armor:Saphira receives highly advanced combat armor made by the UNSC.
  • Spider Tank:the preview for the Bloodbath of the Burning Plains reveals that Johnson will pilot a Scarab.
  • Tank Goodness:both the UNSC Scorpion and the Covenant Wraith.
  • We Have Reserves:Galbaotirx and the Empire play this quite literally, when it is revealed that he can use necromancy to create Flesh Golems, which are basically magical clones that can regenerate so long as there is enough carnage around them to feast off of.