Fan Fic / Those Left Behind

Those Left Behind is a Digimon Fanfiction written by Rogue Tamer2k 7, chronicling the adventures of (extremely) minor Digimon Tamers characters as they try to find the original cast (save Jeri, Ai, Mako and Suzie). Only it gets much more complicated...

The first arc (Chapters 1 - 7)seems like pretty standard Elsewhere Fic fare: the team gets partners, starting with Tadashi and Yuji. Then things start to slowly unravel, starting with the mention of an adult Tamer from the other side of the world and his software update for the digivice. Then the team finds themselves dealing with the Old Clock Shop Man as well as finding an excuse to go to the digital world after the detection of a Tamer that was stranded there.

The second arc (Chapters 8 - 14) details the arrival of the team into the digital world, followed by a series of villains, one who is lusting after both Tadashi as well as the Tamer the team is searching for.

Then there's the third arc (Chapters 16 - 28), where they travel across The Multiverse to find Takato and the others, unfortunately dealing with a pair of Digimon Emperors in the process, deciding to bypass the two of them by fighting Dagomon himself. Eventually they find the world where Tadashi's team was once.

The fic is still ongoing, and can be found here.

Tropes found in Those Left Behind: