Fan Fic / The Long June

The Long June is a KaBlam! fanfiction by Ka Blamoid 4 Life.

Set ten years after the cancellation of KaBlam!, this story begins with Henry and June, now in their early-to-mid twenties, reunited after being separated for nearly a decade. After a while, they decide to make a new show that would act as a "sequel" to KaBlam! - creatively titled Ka Boom. But there will be plenty of obstacles along the way, ranging from a bad crowd Henry used to hang with, to two Mafioso brothers, to a figure who isn't pleased with how KaBlam! parodied him...

This story is much darker and more serious than the show, but it's done in a mature, realistic way, and the tone is fairly optimistic overall. The characterization is handled well, with the characters grown up but still retaining their base personalities, and there are plenty of heartwarming, tear jerking, funny and badass moments to go around. While the story isn't finished yet and will probably be rather long (and isn't updated very frequently), it's one to watch.

Check it out here.