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Fan Fic: Sixth
In the order of the ones who should no longer exist, I'm the sixth. But when it comes to battle, I always go first. — Cradily

A Pokémon first-person fanfiction written by the barely-known troper who has registered as Silent Reverence. It explores some elements of growth and progress in life, as well as the relationship between humans and Pokémon, from the perspective of a species that "should no longer exist", a Fossil Pokemon.

Growth out of a test tube to see if his species could be "revived", Lileep find himself in a strange world apparently ruled by strange creatures he can't understand, and with other Pokémon working for them, a direct contradiction of the dreams of war and glory under the rule of the "Keeper of the Seas" that he experiences at night.

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Published here at Serebii or — here at PokeCommunity if you want a more advanced but less refined version.

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