Fan Fic / Of Darkness And Light

Of Darkness and Light is a D.N.Angel Fan Fiction that is a prequel of the series by Lokinorsedeity. It involves two rival clans, the Hikawa with white wings, and the Niri with black ones. The story starts with two brothers from the Hikawa clan, Yami and Sato. After the death of their mother Sato is accused of killing her, and Yami has to escape the villagers' wrath. He flees to the temple of the oracle Lunara and agrees to become her servant to stay in the temple in safety. Lunara, who at first seems to be a strict but wise figure, turns out to be rather quirky. At the end of the story, it's revealed that she and her sister Solara are the heirs of the trone, princesses Lara and Nara.

Of Darkness and Light provides examples of: