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Fan Fic: Hachin
Hachin is a Mulan Alternate Universe Fic by Eduard Kassel.

Diverging from canon after the battle of the Pass, Shan-Yu (granted the name Bataar here) and his surviving followers don't continue on into China, but rather turn around to return to their lands... and along the way capture Mulan. Now a prisoner of the Huns, Mulan must adapt to survive in the strange new world she finds herself in. And both she and Bataar will not only have to learn to tolerate each other, but work together if they're to have any chance of surviving the scheming of Bataar's enemies.

Can be found here.

It is now complete. A sequel is scheduled for some point in the future; in the meantime, the author has started a three part interquel called Hachin: Seasons, which focuses on the lives of Bataar and Mulan/Hachin's children.

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