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Famous Last Words: Live-Action TV
When a recurring character on a television show is killed off, they often get Famous Last Words. Please only spoiler tag the name of the person who said the quote.

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  • "Who are you? Where's my father?" Janet York
  • "Good luck Jack." Ira Gaines
  • "Go to hell." Kevin Carroll
  • "Go! Go! Get to the docks!" Andre Drazen
  • "That is exactly why he will come. Believe me. I know." Victor Drazennote 
  • "It's all right, I know you're busy, I'm gonna let you get back to work." Teri Bauer
  • "The, the past two years, have just been, just been an act, is that it? I mean, I mean nothing to you? Huh!? I dont understand! Say something, Marie!" Reza Nayieer
  • "It's time." George Mason
  • "What I told the woman was true." Syed Ali
  • "I think he wants to talk to you." Jack Bauer. He Gets Better.
  • "Kim, you little bitch." Gary Matheson
  • "Jack Bauer. You've caused me a lot of trouble today, Jack. You're not going to give me Hewitt, are you?" Peter Kingsley
  • "Ramon." Hector Salazar
  • "Stop, Jack. There's nothing to talk about!" Ramon Salazar
  • "I do." Nina Myers
  • "A few seconds more, that's all I needed. You know, when I was trying to stop the cylinder from exploding, I hesitated... just a moment... because I was afraid. Then I forced myself to move forward. If only I hadn't hesitated, this might not be happening to me— to all those poor people upstairs." Gael Ortega
  • "I can't. I can't." Ryan Chapelle
  • "That's g-good. Good. That's good." Sherry Palmer
  • "I'm so sorry." Julia Milliken
  • "He's not here." Stephen Saunders
  • "I'm scared, Dad." Kevin Keeler
  • "Marwan, please. I didnt betray you." Dina Araz
  • "I'm going to get through this." Paul Raines
  • "Go!" Habib Marwan
  • "Its all right, really." David Palmer
  • "You can handle the meeting on your own." Michelle Dessler
  • "We were betrayed, Bierko. Someone must pay." Ivan Erwich
  • "Chloe?!" Edgar Stiles
  • "...Yeah." Lynn McGill
  • "She's gone, Jack." Tony Almeida. He gets better, as revealed two seasons later.
  • "Come with me. Both of you." Vladimir Bierko
  • "That's the way it works." Christopher Henderson
  • "I can't let this animal live." Curtis Manning
  • "Dad..." Graem Bauer
  • "Okay, good. It's not too far away." Darren McCarthy
  • "Bomb!" Hamri Al-Assad
  • "To finish this. We're going to take out downtown Los Angeles. Let's move! You wait here. You guys, come with me." Abu Fayed
  • " Milo Pressman. I'm acting director of CTU." Milo Pressman
  • "You're not going to die. Not here... not with me." Phillip Bauer.
  • "He's taking them to... go... go to hell." Carl Benton
  • "If you're looking for forgiveness, go to hell. You live with it." David Emmerson
  • "I have a list... a list..." Ike Dubaku
  • "Find out who Juma's working with." Bill Buchanan
  • "The President is mine." Benjamin Juma
  • "I know I can." Blaine Mayer
  • "You're too late. They're already here." John Quinn
  • "No!" Larry Moss
  • "I don't plan on being Mr. Tippet for the rest of my life." Jonas Hodges
  • "Tony! Thank god you're okay. The extraction team will be here soon but we've gotta move!" Cara Bowden
  • "I had someone on the inside... close to Hassan. " Victor Aruz
  • "Yes." Farhad Hassan
  • "Tell my mother I'm sorry." Marcos Al-Zacar
  • "That will never happen." Omar Hassan
  • "Jack..." Renee Walker
  • "Jack. Just tell me what I can do. " Dana Walsh. Bauer responded with "Nothing. Nothing at all."
  • "My name is Pavel Tokarev!" Pavel Tokarev
  • "Hello?" Jason Pillar

  • "Well you're lucky to be alive, man!" Tom Banks
  • "We live to fight another day!" Trevor Morgan
  • "I love you too." Jamie Mitchell
  • "No, Ian, wait! Ian, wait!" Laura Beale
  • "." Andy Hunter
  • "You'll never get me out of the Vic!" Den Watts
  • "We did it." Dennis Rickman
  • "Johnny don't want you dead, Phil. Not yet, anyhow! He wants to see the look on you face when you see your brother's brains blown out. Smile for the camera!" Danny Moon
  • "Jake... kill him for me." Johnny Allen
  • "Hey, Pat. You're a pearl. And don't you ever let anyone tell you diffrent." Jake Moon
  • "" Kevin Wicks
  • "." Danielle Jones
  • "Lucas... Help me." Trina Johnson
  • "Hey, what have you done with the door?" Owen Turner
  • "Veronica... I'm... I'm sorry." Archie Mitchell
  • "STAAAAAAAAAAACE! STACE RUN!" Bradley Branning
  • "AFIA!" Yusef Khan
  • "I'm scared." Pat Butcher
  • "WHAT THEN?!" Heather Trott
  • "You're gonna regret this, you. All of 'ya. You wait and see. You don't know what I'm gonna do to you!" Derek Branning
  • "Get off!" Michael Moon

    Game of Thrones 
  • "If you can get word to my family, tell them I'm no coward. Tell them I'm sorry." Will
  • "The seed is strong." Lord Jon Arryn.
  • "Burn them all." Aerys Targaryen, the Mad King.
  • "If you threaten my Lord again..." Jory Cassel
  • "Now give me something for the pain, and let me die." King Robert Baratheon
  • "No, Dany! Dany, tell them, make them! Make them! No, you can't! Please! Dany, please!" Viserys Targaryen
  • "My Lady, I would gladly fight the Imp's champion." Ser Vardis Egen.
  • "Do as I told you, run!" Septa Mordane.
  • "What do we say to the god of death? Now go." Syrio Forel.
  • "Joffrey Baratheon is the one true heir to the Iron Throne, and by the grace of all the Gods, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm." Eddard Stark
  • "You will not hear me scream." Mirri Maz Duur
  • "A cup of wine to honor the one true God." Maester Cressen
  • "I always hated crossbows. Took too long to load." Yoren
  • "Together, we could end this war in a fortnight." Renly Baratheon
  • "Gods help you, Theon Greyjoy. Now you are truly lost." Rodrik Cassel
  • "Make it quick." Maester Luwin
  • "We are the watchers on the Wall." Qhorin Halfhand.
  • "You little bastard." The Bolton torturer.
  • "I'll take the hands off the next man to call me bastard!" Craster
  • "Unhand her, or I'll have your head for this-" Jeor Mormont
  • "I am your master! Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!" Kraznys
  • "Is this a rescue?" Willem Lannister
  • "Please, I didn't do anything, I'm just a squire-" Martyn Lannister
  • "Kill me and be cursed. You are no king of mine." Rickard Karstark
  • "She looks sharp..." The Horse-Breeder
  • "He's a crow. He's always been a crow. And here's his crow wife guarding him. He'll stab us in the back first chance he gets." Orell
  • "Don't you want to teach little Ned Stark to ride horses?" Talisa Stark
  • "On my honor as a Tully, on my honor as a Stark, let him go or I WILL CUT YOUR WIFE'S THROAT!" Catelyn Stark
  • "Mother..." Robb Stark
  • "You little shit." Arya's first adult victim.
  • "Carry me?" Polliver
  • "It's nothing—" King Joffrey Baratheon

    Kamen Rider 
  • Kamen Rider Agito
    • "Yes. I'll win." Tetsuya Sawaki in response to the Dark Power making a bet as to whether humans will accept the Agito.
  • Kamen Rider Ryuki
    • "I never thought I'd hear you speak like that to me.... It's a little..." Shinji Kido in response to Ren begging him not to die.
    • " Ren... You didn't have an answer too, did you? You fought to find an answer. I'll fight too to find that answer you were searching for." Shinji in the 13 Riders Special ending, moments before charging into a group of Riders, all of who have prepared their Final Vents against him.
    • "This is the new life..." Ren Akiyama after winning the Rider War
    • "By the way, the weather's pretty bad today, huh? I can't see Goro-chan's face." Shuichi Kitaoka, on a sunny day, walking past Goro before succumbing to his illness.
    • "Why... Why... Why... ?" Takeshi Asakura after realizing that Kitaoka had died before their final battle.
    • " Sensei... I'll buy something good to bring back home. Goro Yura after failing in attempt to kill Asakura in Kitaoka's place.
    • "The contract!? Impossible! I, I will survive!" Musashi Sudou moments before getting devoured by Volcancer.
    • "Finally, I was wrong." Miyuki Tezuka's last thoughts.
    • "You were wrong." Hajime Nakamura to Shinji Kido.
    • " Professor, I'm the next one. Who...?" Satoru Tojo's last thoughts.
    • "Why did this have to happen? I.... I..... I just wanted to be happy." Mitsuru Sano, left to dissolved in the Mirror World
    • "Shinji... Shinji... at least tie up your shoes." Miho Kirishima.
    • " Brother, you're a fool. But I really do love you... Brother." Yui Kanzaki to Shiro Kanzaki before dying from having comitted suicide.
    • "The Final Rider... is you!" Kamen Rider Odin to Ren after being destroyed by Shiro Kanzaki for the last time.
  • Kamen Rider Faiz
    • "I still don't know what is right. You must tell me the answer. Transform!" Yuji Kiba to Inui Takumi.
  • Kamen Rider Double:
  • Kamen Rider OOO
    • "It can't be... My Cores... My...!" Ankh (Lost), proceeding to explode.
    • "It was almost in my hands' grasp... Everything was mine..." Kazari, dissolving into a pile of medals.
    • "Am I finished? That wasn't enough! [After being asked why] Because I'm a Greeed." Mezool, dying in Gamel's arms.
    • "Mezool... Here. For you." Gamel, holding a candy flower he gave to a Mezool in an earlier episode out to one of her Core Medals.
    • "Stop it! Please stop! Someone please save me!" Uva, before transforming into the Medal Vessel.
    • "My ending... It completes me." Dr. Maki as he becomes a black hole.
    • "I'm no longer the hand that you should be grasping." Ankh as his consciousness disappears from his broken Core.
  • Kamen Rider Fourze
    • "Ryusei, I think that's the first time you've ever been honest with me. I had the chance to meet you head on and helped you out. I'm glad...even" Gentarou Kisaragi, after Ryusei kills him in an attempt to heal a friend. He gets better.
    • "Gentaro..." Kengo Utahoshi, dissolving into light after the Big Bad destroys the Core Switch.
    • [crushes the walnuts in hand]] "You punk..." Ko Tatsugami to Ryusei as he fades away into Cosmic Energy.
    • "At the very least...I had friends..." Kunieru Emoto/Tachibana/Virgo Zodiarts, as he dies by the hands of Leo Zodiarts and Libra Zodiarts.
    • " Gamou-sama, do you see...the worth of my existence?" Kouhei Hayami as he gets disintegrated by a bolt of lightning after taking Fourze's Cosmic States Finishing Move.

  • LOST has plenty.
    • "And Charlie? I'll kill you last" Ethan Rom
    • "Tell... Shannon... tell her..." Boone
    • "Now, we're not going to take any more of this stuff than we need, because nitroglycerin is extremely temperamental. So we-" Dr. Arzt, immediately before exploding
    • "Walt...?" Shannon
    • "Michael..." Libby, while trying to tell who shot her
    • "Just do it Mikhail!" Bea Klugh
    • "Not Penny's Boat" Although not spoken, writing this on his hand is Charlie's last statement to Desmond
    • "Your boat, 80 miles off shore. Er, Naomi parachuted." Charlie's actual last spoken words
    • "Okay. I give up." Tom
    • " One...Two...Three." Danielle Rousseau.
    • " Daddy, please-" Alex Rousseau
    • "I'm sorry George, just tell my sister that I love her..." Naomi
      • Noami didn't actually have a sister. These were actually code words if she was under duress
    • "I can't get back!" George Minkowski
    • " Wherever you go... Widmore... he'll find you" Keamy.
    • "Who are you?" Michael
    • "We can't even make fire!" Neil "Frogurt," immediately before being hit with a fire arrow.
    • "I'm not allowed to have chocolate before dinner." Charlotte
    • "I'm your son." Faraday
    • "I have to tell you something, it's really really important" Juliet, dying in Sawyer's arms in the Season 6 premiere
      • According to Miles, her actual last words were "It worked", which turns out to be from a conversation she has with Sawyer in the flash-sideways afterlife
    • "You're next" Mr. Eko-though it sounds more like "I saw the devil", implying that Locke was just making crap up.
    • "It is sundown. Will you choose to stay, or go?" Dogen.
    • "Do you realize what you just did? He was the only thing keeping it out! Idiot! You let him in!" Lennon.
    • "Why, do you know her?" John Locke. "I don't understand." John Locke's last thought, according to the Man in Black, as Ben strangles him to death.
    • "That thing is evil! And God help us if it ever leaves this island! Because if it— " Ilana Vedansky
    • "I'm not saying any more in front of him" Charles Widmore
    • " They're coming" Jacob
      • " Now you are like me." the last thing Jacob's spirit says before disappearing forever.
    • "Because it's going to be you, Jack." Sayid
    • "I love you, Sun." Jin
    • "I love you." Sun
    • "You're too late." The Man in Black.
    • "Then I'll see you in another life, brother." Jack. He says this to Desmond, who said it to Jack when they first met.

  • "That's good." Lady Helen
  • "I love singing, you know. I sing all the time. My betrothed says I have the voice of a fallen angel." Bronwen
  • "I must warn Arthur." Ewan
  • "Kill him!" Valiant
  • "Leave them, Arthur. Go. Save yourself. Follow the light. Faster. Go faster. Follow the light! Move. Climb." Merlin. He Gets Better.
  • "Swilte, Merlin." Edwin Muirden
  • "Ia bend dǽdon nwe. Con gare ewe deahl sǽ nah. S re. Ig b deahl sǽ nah. An 'wn. Flete . Dmdg. Da r cwyl ga him." Aulfric
  • "Father! No! No!" Sophia
  • "You've let your fear of magic turn to hate. I pity you." Cerdan
  • "PENDRAGON!" Kanen
  • "Merlin..." William
  • "He fears you do not have enough strength to defeat his enemies. The King must wonder if you are even his son." Evan
  • "Please." Tom
  • "Die, Uther Pendragon!" Tauren
  • "Pity. Together we could have ruled the world." Nimueh
  • "Oh yes. YES! Oh yes. Oh yes. H-Hello Ladies." Cedric...possibly?
  • "We're not leaving you behind." Aglain
  • "Open the gate!" Henqist
  • "Is that any way to treat your dear old stepmother?" Troll
  • "I will if you value the life of your ward. Hmm?" Aredian
  • "One day, Merlin, I will repay you. I promise." Freya
  • "Listen to me! Oh, my son. I've seen enough in you to know that you will make me proud." Balinor
  • "Thank you." Cylferth
  • "Half a day's ride. The journey is almost over." Sir Oswald
  • "Oswald!" Sir Ethan
  • "Ready?" Dagr
  • "Absolutely. " Ebor
  • "You better be ready for me first!" Grunhilda
  • "Always glad to be of help to, er, people of qualities such as yourselves. Perhaps some small compensation for my, er, time and trouble?" Jarl
  • "Morgause. Morgause, make him stop. Make him stop!" Cenred
  • "Please, sister, let my parting be my final gift to you." Morgause
  • "Bad news. He's still alive." Sir Lancelot, at least his last words in the episode of his death
    • "Whatever my lady desires. I'm hers to command." Shade Lancelot
    • "Merlin. Thank you." Lancelot, the third time
  • "Arthur..." King Uther Pendragon
    • "Merlin has—" Uther's Ghost
  • "You do not choose anything, boy. It is I who choose to die, and I alone. Now, get on with it." King Caerleon
  • "Your magic holds no fear for me. I could've killed you anytime I wished. " Lamia
  • "And you've been at court... all this time... at Arthur's side. How you've managed to decieve him. I am impressed Merlin. Perhaps we're more alike than you think." Agravaine...possibly?
  • "It is as we expected; he is making his way here. He should be with us soon." Helios
  • "Hold me." Isolde
  • "Th-that it happened at all... is all that matters. I have been haunted by this moment for many years... since long before you set foot on this Earth, Emrys, I have waited for it's arrival with sorrow in my heart. For even as Camelot flowers, so the seeds of her destruction are being sown. The prophets speak of Arthur's bane. You would do well to fear it, for it stalks him... like a ghost in the night. Unless you act quickly, Emrys, even you cannot alter... the never-ending circle... of his... fate." Lochru
  • "I will always love you." Ruadan
  • "It has the power... to summon the spirits of the dead." Valdis
  • "It's not too late, Arthur. Not too late to find the true path. Redeem yourself. No further chance... sall be given." Osgar
  • "And of you. So proud." Sir Elyan
  • "Don't—" Tyr Seward
  • "" Albin
  • "Arthur will be dead by sundown. And then, all that stands in our way is a serving girl who plays at being queen." Sarrum
  • "Did I do something good? Finally, eh?" Daegal
  • "I shall pass to the other world, happy, in the knowledge that you will never find Emrys. He is your destiny, Morgana, and he is your doom." Alator of the Catha
  • "Never." Finna
  • "It is not a crime to fight for your freedom. It is not a crime to fight for the right to be who you are. You deserve everything that's coming to you, Arthur Pendragon." Kara
  • "You gave me no choice." Mordred
  • "And you're sure it was a Camelot knight?" Beroun
  • "I failed." Sir Gwaine
  • "I am a High Priestess. No mortal blade can kill me." Morgana Pendragon
  • "M-maybe. I want to say... something I've never... said to you before. Thank you." King Arthur Pendragon

    Power Rangers 
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:
    • "OVERLOAD. OVERLOAD. TOO MANY CHANGES. SYSTEM LOCKED." Cyclopsis. While it doesn't actually speak, it's the computerized voiced within it that does the talking for it.
    • "You fools! Can't you do anything right?!" Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel
    • "Oh no! I'm falling... falling... what a world...!" Witchblade
  • Power Rangers in Space:
    • " Darkonda ... you traitor!" Dark Specter
    • " Andros, listen to me. It is your duty as a Power Ranger to save the universe. Now is the time." Zordon
    • "DON'T!" Ecliptor
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
    • "Thank you, son, for showing me the way. This is for you, Zika!" Magna Defender
    • "You've learned nothing." Villamax, after Trakeena notes he may have taught her to fight too well.
  • Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
    • "All I ever wanted to do was serve her faithfully. Now it seems it was all a big waste. It's too late for me, but not for you, Diabolico. Goodbye..." Loki
    • "This can't be happening!" Diabolico
  • Power Rangers Wild Force
    • "Forgive me, Mondo! I have failed you, and the Empire!" General Venjix
  • Power Rangers Dino Thunder
    • "I guess you wanted it more. Goodbye White Ranger." White Ranger Clone
    • "I knew I should never have trusted those two!" Lothor, before being shrunken and placed in a jar by Mesogog. It's likely he was destroyed when Mesogog's lab was destroyed.
    • "You're going down, Tommy!" Zeltrax
    • "You destroyed my plans of creating a perfect world. However, I was able to absorb enough dino gem energy to complete my transfiguration. Witness the phase of your final battle!" Mesogog
  • Power Rangers Jungle Fury
    • "You've destroyed my shiny armor! Oh, the shame!" Pangolin
    • "You may have won this battle... but this is far from over." Carnisoar
    • "Correction; My Phantom Beasts. I have been loyal to you for centuries, taught you all I know. My training made you stronger. And how do you repay me? By hunting me down determined to destroy me. Well, mighty Dai Shi, it is you who is finished. Destroy him... oh, and the lizard, too." Jellica before being betrayed and destroyed by the Phantom Beast Generals
    • "Dai Shi has proven to be my enemy. You... you have proven to be my friend. You must destroy them for all tigers...!" Whiger before fading away
  • Power Rangers RPM
    • "I'm losing altitude. This is Eagle One's last transmission. Scott -" Marcus Truman, Scott's brother.
    • "As I've always said: you put a human against a machine, the machine will win every time." Kilobyte, just before getting blown up by the Rangers' blaster. "Check out this machine!"
  • Power Rangers Samurai
  • Power Rangers Megaforce
    • "I've got fancy moves too! ...Wha?!" Scaraba
    • "I don't like this card game!" Yuffo
    • "I'm not giving in that easily. Nothing can stop a virus like me!" Virox
    • "Well, I had a good run!" Dragonflay
    • "The insects will conquer the world!" Beezara
    • "Everyone's a critic." Dizchord
    • "You may have won this round Rangers, but you won't win the war against the Insectoids!" Creepox
    • "Can we talk?" Hisser
    • "All that fizzle... end in a sizzle...!" Psychotick
    • "No! I guess I bit off more than I can chew!" Shadow Serpent
    • "This can't be! My phantom army is getting toasted!" Distractor
    • "This isn't funny!" No Joke

  • Stargate SG-1
    • "Don't give up..." General Landry in Unending. He got better
    • "There's something I need to tell you..." "Shh. I know." Vala Mal Doran and Daniel Jackson in Unending, respectively. They also got better.
    • "I want to wake up as me or not at all." Kawalsky, probably his last words as himself. In case you're wondering, the last words the Goa'uld possessing him spoke were "Jaffa! Kal Shak!"
    • "I die free." -Every Free Jaffa ever. And it's so epic.
    • "Colonel!" Sam Carter in The Nox. She got better.
    • "Thank you. I also wish to blow us all to hell." Sam Carter in There But for the Grace of God. She didn't really get better, but alternate realities were involved, so there was a spare.
    • It's in a movie, but "It'll have to do! We can't hold it much..." Daniel Jackson. He got better.
    • "But I'm so interesting!" Nerus. He wasn't enough of a major character to get better.
  • Stargate Atlantis
    • "I'll be right behind you." Sam Carter. Guess what? She got better.
    • "Are we done?" "Yeah." Todd the Wraith and Ronan Dex, respectively. Again, they got better.
    • "We just made the hand off." Carson Beckett. He sorta got better.

    Star Trek 
  • Star Trek: The Original Series
    • "For a moment, James, but your moment is fading." Gary Mitchell, "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
    • "I'm sorry. You can't know what it's like to be almost a god." Elizabeth Dehner, "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
    • "We are creatures of duty, Captain. I have lived my life by it. Just one more duty to perform." The Romulan Commander, "Balance of Terror"
    • "No, child! Don't!" Anton Karidian, aka Kodos the Executioner, "The Conscience of the King"
    • "Yes. He's in the Mission. He's - " Edith Keeler, "The City on the Edge of Forever"
    • "The commander is responsible for the lives of his crew, and for their deaths. Well, I should have died with mine." Matt Decker, "The Doomsday Machine"
    • "I seem to have miscalculated." Thelev, an Orion posing as an Andorian delegate, "Journey to Babel"
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
    • "You are a sham! My words were dust upon the ground! Your blood has no fire! You are weak like them! I don't care what you look like, YOU ARE NO KLINGON!" Korris, "Heart of Glory"
    • "Enough! We have people who need attention. We won't hurt you, but we must help them!" Tasha Yar, "Skin of Evil"
      • "Hailing frequencies closed, sir." The last words in Tasha's holo-recording played at her memorial service
    • "The battle does not go well, Enterprise. We are attempting to retreat and regroup. We will rendezvous at-" Admiral J.P. Hanson, "The Best of Both Worlds" part 2
    • "Alexander..." K'Ehleyr, "Reunion"
    • "I'm the only one Worf - the only one who can prove your innocence. Kill me and you're a traitor forever." Duras, "Reunion"
    • "Goodbye, Data." Noonian Soong, "Brothers"
    • "I... love... you... brother." Lore, "Descent, Part II"
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    • "Maintain all-" Captain of USS Saratoga, "Emissary"
    • "Off the hook, at last." Li Nalas, "The Siege"
    • "It is a good day to die." Kang, "Blood Oath"
    • "You are too late. We are everywhere." The Krajensky Changling, "The Adversary"
    • "For you, and for the boy I once was. He needs you more than you know. Don't you see? We're both going to get a second chance." Alternate Future Jake, "The Visitor"
    • "Well done captain. You've all done quite nicely. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to inspect the wreckage." Weyoun 4, "To the Death"
    • "I was proud of you that day, Elim..." Enabran Tain, "In Purgatory's Shadow"
    • "Rebecca..." Michael Eddington, "Blaze of Glory"
    • "Our death is glory to the Founders!" Remata'Klan, "Rocks and Shoals"
    • "I love you." Torya Ziyal, "Sacrifice of Angels"
    • "I hate Ferengi." Keevan, "The Magnificent Ferengi"
    • "Our baby would have been so beautiful." Jadzia Dax, to Worf, "Tears of the Prophets"
    • "Please Odo. Tell me I haven't failed. That I've served you well." Weyoun 6, "Treachery, Faith, and the Great River"
    • "You know my dear, it would be such a shame for you to die without the good Doctor Bashir knowing how you felt about him." Weyoun 7, "Strange Bedfellows"
    • "You will not have this day..." Chancellor Gowron, after losing a duel to Worf, "Tacking Into the Wind"
    • "I misread you. I thought you were just a misguided idealist. But you're a dangerous man. People like you would destroy the Federation. Fortunately, there are people like me willing to die to defend it." Luther Sloan, "Extreme Measures"
    • "You're making a terrible mistake, doctor!" Luther Sloan's mind, "Extreme Measures"
    • "Keep-" Damar, "What You Leave Behind" - and not even his actor knows how that sentence would have ended.
    • "What's left." Weyoun 8, the final Weyoun clone, "What You Leave Behind"
    • "Emissary, the book!" Kai Winn Adami, "What You Leave Behind"
    • "Farewell, Adami." Gul Dukat, "What You Leave Behind"
  • Star Trek: Voyager:
    • "Drat." The Clown, "The Thaw"
    • "Uh oh." Henry Starling, "Future's End, Part II"
    • "YES!" Alternate Future Harry Kim, "Timeless"
    • "You've got a fine crew, captain. Promise me you'll get them home." Captain Ransom, "Equinox, Part II"
    • "How could you do this? To one of your own?" Idon, "Flesh and Blood"
    • "You've infected us... with a neurolytic pathogen." the Borg Queen, "Endgame"
    • "Just enough... to bring chaos to order." Alternate Future Admiral Janeway, "Endgame"

  • "You!" Mary Winchester. First death of the series, too.
  • "So come home soon, okay? I love you." Jessica Moore—well, technically a voicemail she left for Sam.
  • "Sunrise." Human!Meg's clue to the brothers about where John is.
  • "Okay." John Winchester letting Azazel drag him into Hell.
  • "Not only does this almost definitely help you find your brother, this is—its huge. So get here. Now." Ash to Dean over the phone.
  • "What are you doing? Holy—" Poor, poor Andy.
  • "Yeah, Im sorry, Sam. But its over." Ava Wilson
  • "Dean!" Sam. He got better.
  • "Please... don't. Please." Jake Talley, before Sam shoots him. Three times.
  • "I knew I kept you alive for some reason. Until now, anyway. I couldn't have done it without your pathetic, self-loathing, self-destructive desire to sacrifice yourself for your family." Azazel
  • "Yeah. I hear you. You know, Gordon, you're right. One last good thing." Gordon's friend, Kubrick
  • "I know how it is walking around with something evil inside you. It's just too bad you won't do the right thing and kill yourself. I'm gonna, as soon as I'm done with you. Two last good deeds: killing you, and killing myself." Gordon Walker as a vampire.
  • "I'm sorry, Sam. There's no way outta this one. Not this time." Dean's crossroad demon
  • "Now get out of here." Henriksen to Sam'n'Dean before Lilith arrives.
  • "Because just maybe you can kill the bitch." Bela Talbot about why she's ratting Lilith out.
  • "So is this your big plan, huh? Drag me to hell, kill Sam, and then what? Become queen bitch?" Dean. He gets better too.
  • "Because that's life, Wes." Sam, who comes back again. Jesus, these boys die a lot.
  • "I can feel what's inside of you. If you think you have good intentions, think again." Pamela Barnes' final warning to Sam about his powers.
  • "Oh, go ahead. Send me back, if you can." Alastair. For the record, he was challenging Sam to exorcise him back to Hell-right before Sam announced that now he can kill.
  • "You haven't even met the man! There is no will, no wrath, no God." Uriel
  • "No!" The possessed nurse Sam lets Ruby kill.
  • "It's the archangel! I'll hold them off! I'll hold them all off! Just stop Sam!" Castiel. He got better.
  • "You turned yourself into a freak. A monster. And now you're not gonna bite? I'm sorry, but that is honestly adorable." Lilith
  • "You're too late." Ruby, before Dean guts her with her own knife.
  • "I..." Jo Harvelle
  • "You can go straight back to Hell, you ugly bitch!" Ellen Harvelle as she blows herself and a pack of hellhounds up.
  • "Michael." Anna Milton
  • "Hear me out. I can explain, okay? Please." Sam. He gets better, too.
  • "You go ahead and kill me. But when I get back... I'm gonna be pissed." Dean. Again, he gets better.
  • "Michaels not gonna kill me." Zachariah
  • "Dean, help! Dean!" Adam Milligan, before Michael possesses him and he gets trapped in Hell.
  • "No one makes us do anything." The Trickster/Gabriel before being stabbed by his brother, Lucifer.
  • "Uh... no?" Castiel. Again. He got better. Again.
  • "Run!" Mark Campbell
  • "What are you laughing at?" The Christian Campbell demon
  • "What?" Gwen Campbell
  • "It's alright, Sam." Samuel Campbell, before Sam shoots him.
  • "Bobby, my ass." Rufus Turner when confronted by possessed Bobby.
  • "Then neither do I." Rachel to Castiel saying "I don't have a choice."
  • "I can't stop, not anymore. You have to. Please." Friendly Neighborhood Vampire Lenore begging the hunters to kill her after she is forced to kill.
  • "Don't test me." Eve, the Mother of All Monsters
  • "I'm sorry, really sorr-..." Eleanor Visyak
  • "Cass...?" Balthazar as he is stabbed by Castiel.
  • "Castiel, please. You let the demon go, but not your own brother?" Raphael
  • "Leviathan! I can't fight them. Run!" Castiel. Again again.
  • "Idjits." Bobby Singer, of course.
  • "Here's to running into you guys on the other side. Only—not too soon, alright?" Bobby Singer's ghost
  • "Did you really think you could trump me?" Dick Roman
  • "Well, hope they're saving a special place for you... wherever it is you come from." Martin Creaser
  • "No Cass in the back seat. Your stone is long gone." Demon!Meg taunting Crowley.
  • "Go on. It's me they want. Go on. You just make sure you tell Dean I said goodbye. I was never any good up there anyway." Benny deciding to stay in Purgatory.
  • "You're not the same. Look, it's been years, and I can't even imagine the things you've been through. But I don't know. You just seem...more focused, confident, like—like you know what you want. You grew up, Sam. I do miss the old haircut, though." Sarah Blake
  • "As for you, Castiel, I beg of you—stop this path. Metatron has been neutralized. If you want back in, truly, I will listen." Naomi
  • "How are you alive?" Vesta
  • "Hey, you noticed anything off about Dean lately? Between you and me I'm a little bit worried about him." Kevin Tran
  • "Gadreel... I'm sorry..." Thaddeus

    Super Sentai 

    Tales From The Crypt 
  • "No! It's not right! No! Nooo! It ain't right" Charley Ledbetter, "The Man Who Was Death"
  • "Shut up, Cynthia! Shut up, Cynthia! No, no, wait wait wait wait wait" Theodore Carne, "The Man Who Was Death"
  • "What? No!" Cynthia Baldwin, "The Man Who Was Death"
  • "It's my job. It's my duty 'cause it's my job. If a man ain't good at his job, then what the hell is he good for? What's anything good for?" Niles Talbot, "The Man Who Was Death"
  • "What are you, deaf? I said let me have it!" The Husband, "And All Through The House"
  • "Wait, slow down! Wait! Wait!" Dr. Manfred, "Dig That Cat...He's Real Gone"
  • "Somebody! I don't have nine lives! Somebody! LET ME OUT!" Ulrich, "Dig That Cat...He's Real Gone"
  • "Who are you?" Ronnie Price, "Only Sin Deep"
  • "I LOVE YOU! I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! FOREVER AND EVER!" Margaret Richardson, "'Til Death". She Came Back Wrong
  • "No, it's the law. One can't be too careful in this climate." Dr. Freddy, "'Til Death"
  • "NOOOOOOOOO!" Logan Andrews, "'Til Death", being Driven to Suicide in order to escape Richardson. He is unwillingly brought back.
  • "You're crazy! You're out of your fucking mind!" Alan, "Three's A Crowd"
  • "Where's Alan?" Della, "Three's A Crowd"
  • "Help me, Gloria!" Sebastian Fielding, "The Sacrifice"
  • "Plenty...forty-eight...hate this...set you free..." James Reed, "The Sacrifice"
  • "Come on! Let's go, goddammit! Let's hurry it up! Pull the switch! Shoot me the juice! FRY ME!" Marty Slash, "For Cryin' Out Loud"
  • "No. Who?" Ms. Kilbasser, "For Cryin' Out Loud
  • "You fool. You stupid old fool." Louisa Yates, "The Four-Sided Triangle"
  • "Billy, get 'im off me! Get 'im off me! Get 'im off me!" Mr. Ingles, "The Ventriloquist's Dummy"
  • "Hi, uncle. What are you doing with my ball?" Bobby Thornberry, "Fitting Punishment"
  • "Somebody help me! No! No! Nooo!" Ezra Thornberry, "Fitting Punishment"
  • "Oh shi-" Edward Foster, "Loved to Death"
  • "Yes, let's." Miranda Singer, "Loved to Death"
  • "No, fuck you." A policeman, "Carrion Death"
  • "I'm Lou Paloma Blow me." Lou Paloma, "The Trap"
  • "Isn't that silly of me?" Joyce, "Beauty Rest"
  • "Yeah. So what kind of girl are you?" Druscilla, "Beauty Rest"
  • "You're crazy! I'm calling the cops, you hear? The cops! The cops!" Mr. Chumley, "What's Cookin"
  • "Ellen!" Joseph Renfield, "Strung Along"
  • "Come on, we don't have that much time." David, "Strung Along"
  • "This isn't funny." Ellen Renfield, "Strung Along"
  • "Help me..." Todd, "The Assassin"
  • "Son of a bitch!" William, "The Assassin"
  • "Ronald?" Simoine Bardou, "The Assassin"
  • "Willa-" Luden Sandleton, "99 and 44/100 Pure Horror"
  • "You always wanted to shower with me, Lu. Here's your chance." Willa Sandleton, "99 and 44/100 Pure Horror"
  • "Naw, that's an old trick I picked up at Benny's shooting gallery on Coney Island. And if you don't quit stalling, I'll show you some other tricks I learned in Brooklyn." Lou Spinelli, "You, Murderer"
  • "Yes, there's been a murder." Erika, "You, Murderer"
  • "Oh my God!" Dr. Charles, "You, Murderer"
  • "Run! Ruuuunn!" Betty Spinelli, "You, Murderer"
  • "You bitch." Armed Robber #1, "Cold War"
  • "Right- Aw, sh-" Cutter, "Cold War"
  • "Come here!" Barry, "Smoke Wrings"
  • "Reverend?" Lucy, "About Face"
  • "What are you doing?" Sarah, "About Face"
  • "God is my protector! He is the Wo" Leah, "About Face"
  • "Father... what have you done?" Abigail, "About Face"
  • "Well, then let her in stupid, so the fun can begin!" Drinky Pig, "The Third Pig"
  • "Come right on in, miss!" Smokey Pig, "The Third Pig"
  • "Little pig, little pig, quit stabbing my head! You can't kill what's already dead!" Zombie Pig, "The Third Pig"
  • "Must destroy!" Dudley Pig, "The Third Pig"

    True Blood 
  • "Cheers to our future, baby." Amy Burley
  • "Die, you fucking freak of nature, die [..] Fucking bitch!" Ren Lenier A.K.A. Drew Marshall
  • "A human with me at the end, and human tears. Two thousand years, and I can still be surprised. In this, I see God." Godric
  • "Was there no god?" Maryann
  • "You do realize that I'm a vampire. You can empty every round in me. I will heal." Franklin Mott
  • "Bill.. I love you.." Lorena Krasiki
  • "You.. FUCKING traitor!" Queen Sophie-Anne
  • "There ain't no heaven, and hell is a dog fight. I just wanna disappear like I never was. [..] Don't forget about me right away." Tommy Merlotte
  • "No one can live forever! Not even you!" Marnie Stonebrook
    • "Oh, this fucking sucks!" Marnie's spirit
  • "Lafayette.. I'm sorry." Jesus Velasquez
  • "You're bluffing. I saw the way you both looked at her. Hungry puppy dogs, slobbering on the same juicy bone. [..] You fucking.." Nan Flanagan
  • "Oh no. Please don't. Please don't kill me, please please please-" Debbie Pelt
  • "I can explain. I was infiltrating them. Gaining their trust." Alexander Drew
  • "This is about HONOR instead of CHAOS! This is about mercy instead of sadism. This is about balance. This is about peace!" Roman Zimojic
  • "Who are you? To offer the blood of Lilith-" Dieter Braun
  • "In that case.. allow me to say.. Fuck all of you! You are destroying the world based on a book that is thousands of years old, you call that evolved? That's the opposite of evolved!" Molly
  • "Lilith came to me. She chose me." Kibwe Akinjide
  • "I can't even feel it! All I feel is a slight tickling sensation! Which unfortunately for you, only broadens my appetite! [..] Well.. fuck." Russell Edgington
  • "And you better sell the shit out of this preacher man. 'Cause it looks like you and Russell may have just started a war." Rosalyn Harris
  • "Lilith.. chose well." Salome Agrippa
  • "I told you the first night we met. Vampires often turn on those they love the most. [..] Oh.. god.." Bill Compton
  • "It takes one to know one." Terry Bellefleur
  • "You can rip off one head. But another will grow in its place." Truman Burrell
  • "Brother, listen to me. I only ever wanted to live fully. You gave me that." Nora Gainesborough
  • "I loved you.. Jason Stackhouse!" Steve Newlin
  • "Sookie?" Macklyn Warlow

  • Alias:
    • "You beat death, Arvin, but you couldn't beat me." Jack Bristow, right before detonating explosives that would imprison his now-immortal enemy Sloane in an underground cavern forever.
  • Angel
    • "Too bad we'll never know... if this is a face you could learn to love." Doyle to Cordelia Chase.
    • "This child, Angel, it's the one good thing we ever did together. The only good thing. You make sure to tell him that." Darla to Angel.
    • "Oh, and you're welcome." Cordelia Chase to Angel.
    • "Why can't I stay?" Fred Burkle to Wesley Wyndam-Pryce.
    • "I love you..." Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
  • The Aquabats! Super Show!:
    • "Oh, poo poo!" Snakey
    • "Hey, that's not supposed to happen!" SuperMagic PowerMan
  • Arrested Development
    • "I hate White Power Bill." White Power Bill
  • Babylon 5 has the famous last words of the last Xon, a species that once fought the Centauri for dominance of their mutual homeworld: "AAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!"
    • "There was a purpose in my selection. Your heritage—you are a child of Valen." Dukhat, to Delenn. She doesn't know what he said until many years later.
    • "There is a hole in your mind." The Minbari assassin in "The Gathering", to Sinclair.
    • "You are both damned." Centauri Emperor Turhan, to Londo.
    • "I was to be a god, you know that? A god...." Emperor Cartagia.
    • "I love you." Marcus Cole, to Ivanova.
    • "Sun's coming up." John Sheridan
  • Battlestar Galactica
    • "Frak you." Admiral Helena Cain. Extra irony because the person shooting her is Gina, her former lover. Gina: You're not my type.
    • "It stopped." Felix Gaeta, referring to the phantom pain in his amputated leg. Fitting — if depressing — as he had been the subject of a long and torturous Break the Cutie.
    • "Frak!" John Cavil, immediately before blowing his brains out as his plans collapsed around him rather than submit, defeated.
    • "So much life." Laura Roslin, as she's being flown over the plains of Africa in Adama's Raptor.
    • "I'll see you on the other side." Sam Anders.
  • Blackadder
    • "The Black Dagger! May his name last as long as our dynasty!" Richard IV. And it certainly did.
    • "And now, at last, I shall be King of..." Edmund, at the end of The Black Adder.
    • "Oh, damn, I must have left it on the dresser!" Prince George at the end of Blackadder the Third
    • "Good luck everyone." Edmund, at the end of Blackadder Goes Forth.
  • Blake's 7
    • "Oh, Avon." An infinitely disappointed Roj Blake
    • "BLAKE!" Cally
    • "Sorry." Vila
    • "I am sorry. I have failed you." Zen. (As Vila said: "He never mentioned himself before. In all the time I've know him, he never once said the word "I"."
  • Boardwalk Empire
    • "No, I don't..." Agent Eric Sebso
    • "Do you want money? He can get it. Lots of it, I can make him..." Angela Darmody
    • "You'll get through it. All you gotta worry about is when you run out of booze, and you run out of company, and the only person left to judge you is your-" Jimmy Darmody
    • "Maybe I come later." Manny Horvitz
    • "I'll show you how easy it is." Jess Smith
    • "Don't malinger, now." Billie Kent
    • "When the horses ran that day, Spark Plug ran the other way, Baaaaaaaaaarney Goooogleeeeee..." Gyp Rosetti
    • "Watch the front, then come when I signal." Agent Stan Sawicki
    • "What... the hell... kind of... mischief... you..." Dunn Purnsley
    • "If it doesn't, your money back. Deal?" Dean O'Banion
    • "You might try it!" Oscar Boneau
    • "I'll tell you what I am. I'm a man who's gonna ruin..." Agent James Tolliver
  • Bones
    • "Everyone knows who's the weakest link in the chain. You testify at my appeal and I'm going to walk." Heather Taffet/The Gravedigger
    • "D-Don't make me go... I love being here..." Vincent Nigel-Murray
    • "What?!?" Christopher Pelant
  • Breaking Bad
    • "I say we cap 'em both." Emilio Koyama
    • "Unlock me, Walter." Domingo "Krazy-8" Molina.
    • "No, come on, Tuco. I'm just...I'm just saying." No-Doze
    • "Tell me what you did!!!" Tuco Salamanca
    • "Skank, skank, skank-ass skank! Skank-ass skank! Skank-ass skank! You listening to me, skank? Huh? You hear me, skank? YOU ARE a skank-ass skank! Skank, skank, skank, skank, skank! Skank!" Spooge
    • (In Spanish) "Oh, I love it, boss! What a great pet it will make! Thank you, boss!" Tortuga (Technicially, these lines are said in a later episode during a flashback, but they still apply.)
    • "What did I say? Get out of here! What are you waiting for? Go!" Christian "Combo" Ortega
    • "No... muy fcil." (No... too easy.)" Marco Salamanca
    • (In Spanish) "Tell me what's happening!" Juan Bolsa.
    • "You don't have to do this..." Gale Boetticher
    • "At the end of the day, all his bullshit aside, it's called a cook, 'cause everything comes down to following a recipe. Simple, complicated, steps never change. And I know every step." Victor.
    • "I need him! I swear to God!" Max Arciniega
    • "Yes, boss?" Miguel
    • "T..." (You...) Don Eladio
    • "It's all clear." Tyrus Kitt
    • "Last chance to look at me, Hector." Gustavo Fring
    • (In German) "Yes, Ms. Tromel." Peter Schuler
    • "Can you come to my house?" Duane Chow
    • "Listen Mike, I..." Chris Mara
    • "Shut the fuck up and let me die in peace." Mike Ehrmantraut.
    • "Why's the alarm going off? What's happening? No man, please! No, man! Help! Help me! Dennis Markowski
    • "You heard the man, put 'em down!" Agent Steve Gomez
    • "Why? Do you want me to beg? You're the smartest guy I ever met and you're too stupid to see he made up his mind ten minutes ago. Do what you gonna d-" Hank Schrader
    • "Where?" Andrea Cantillo
    • "Yeah, you'll get 'em back. Just relax." Frankie
    • "Yeah Toddy, get 'em both off!" Kenny
    • "Jesus, Mr. White-" Todd Alquist
    • "You wanna know where it is? You pull that trigger you'll never-" Jack Welker
    • "Well... goodbye, Lydia." Walter White
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • "Angel?" Darla. She gets better once the spin-off begins
    • "You laugh when my Hell is on Earth?" The Master
    Buffy: You're that amped about Hell? Go there.
    • "No!" Jenny Calendar
    • "Buffy..." Angel. He gets better in the following season though
    • "What?" Wishverse Cordelia
    • "Buffy, look out!" Wishverse Angel
    • "I'm not going anywhere, Harris. The first time you turn your back..." Jack O'Toole
    • "Aw, fu..." Vampire Willow
    • "You're on my campus buddy! And when I say I want quiet, I want-" Principal Snyder
    • "Well, gosh." Mayor Richard Wilkins
    • "Adam..." Maggie Walsh
    • "Not that I'm not enjoyin' myself, but Adam's not gonna like it if I-" Forrest Gates
    • "How... can you..." Adam
    • "Us?" Ben/Glory
    • "Dawn, listen to me. I love you. I will always love you. But this is the work that I have to do. Tell Giles... tell Giles I figured it out. And, and I'm okay. And give my love to my friends. You have to take care of them now. You have to be strong. Dawn, the hardest thing in this world ... is to live in it. Be brave. Live. For me." Buffy Summers. She gets better
    • "Your shirt..." Tara Maclay
    • "Oh, and when you get caught, you'll lose them too. Your friends. You don't want that. I know you're in pain, but-" Warren Mears
    • "And you will." Cassie Newton, in response to Buffy saying one can make a difference.
    • "Well, I still care about them. That's why I'm here." Jonathan Levinson
    • "You know, I gave you ample warning. Told you not to interfere, but you chose not to heed. I was kind of hoping it'd go this way..." Caleb
    • "Bunnies... floppy, hoppy... bunnies." Anya Jenkins
    • "I wanna see how it ends." Spike, in response to Buffy's "I love you". He gets better in the fifth season of Angel though
  • Burn Notice
    • "You're not going to want to see how this ends." Larry. As far as the audience knows.
    • "I think it's best that you run along." Gilroy
    • "I'm scared..." Nate Westen
    • "This one's for my boys." Madeline Westen
  • Chuck
    • "Chuck, you have to do this. You have to destroy that computer, and then you get out of here..." Bryce Larkin
    • "Pussy." Emmett Milbarge
    • "You're special, son. Always remember... that you're special." Steven Bartowski, a.k.a. Orion
    • "Did I just get... shot? I certainly did." Agent Rye
    • " John Casey... your life is over." Jane/The Viper
    • "So I suggest you get your hands off of me and get a little head start, because soon people will be hunting Chuck they way they hunted Bin Laden. Go." Clyde Decker
    • "Then we die together." Nicholas Quinn
  • Cold Case
    • "I'm a good man. What are you?" Pete Doyle, the victim in "Bad Reputation," a robber-turned-police informant; said to his police contact, whom he had discovered was using him to commit crimes
  • Criminal Minds
    • "Bring it on." Jacob Dawes's, the unsub in "Riding the Lightning," intended last words
    • "Can I forgive myself? No, I can't." Randall Garner, the unsub in "The Fisher King" Part 1 and 2 before blowing himself up.
    • "I love you." Frank Breitkopf, the unsub in "No Way Out" Part 1 and 2, to his "girlfriend" before throwing himself and her in front of an oncoming train
    • "I don't." Mauve Shirt Evan Abbey in "Ashes and Dust," to the pyromaniac unsub when asked how he planned to escape the burning building he'd trapped them both in. KABOOOOOOOOOM!
    • "I know." Haley Hotchner
    • "You got me, man. I surrender." George Foyet alias The Reaper, who says this line to Hotch as the latter manages to subdue him. Unfortunately for him, Hotch doesn't listen and beats him to death.
    • "Oh, come on! You have GOT to be kid-" Anita Roycewood, the unsub in "Mosley Lane"
    • "THAT! DIDN'T! HURT!" Robert Adams, the unsub in "Painless"
  • Damages
    • " I always wanted to work with you Patty. But not anymore." Ray Fiske
    • " Shit." Rick Messer
    • " I did it. I killed your men. And you know what? I'd do it again. I'd do it agai-" Jerry Boorman
  • Dead Like Me
    • "Oh, shit." George
    • "Why did no one ever love me?" Daisy, Daisy Adair. Technically last thoughts, but still...
  • Desperate Housewives:
    • "Why should I? Your wife didn't kill herself because I wrote a note. She killed herself because of what she did to that poor baby. But rest assured, I'm praying for Mary Alice. After what she did, she'll need all of our prayers." Martha Huber
    • "Tell my son his wife is cheating on him." Juanita Solis
    • "We need to phone an ambulance." George Williams
    • "Come on, Carlos! Back in the house! You'll get hurt out here!" Victor Lang
    • "I'm going to tell him before...before you do something stupid." Edie Britt
    • "You bitch!" Patrick Logan
  • Dexter is usually the only one to hear these:
    • "You're the one who needs setting free, little brother. Your life is a lie. People you've been..." Brian Moser
    • "Don't do this." Lila Tournay/West
    • "No! Turn that off! No! Do you understand, this is murder?! Open this fuckin' door, this is fuckin' murder!" James Doakes, said to Lila
    • "You little freak! You think I'm done with you? You think this ends here?! IT DOESN'T!" Miguel Prado
    • "Let's hope you're this talkative once I get my tools." Jorge "The Skinner" Orozco
    • "Not a" Frank Lundy
    • "Can you forgive me?" Christine Hill
    • "I'll give her all the love I have to give, as long as we both shall live..." Arthur Mitchell
    • "Oh, and I know you're not into this stuff, but the moon tonight is gonna be amazing. So take a moment; you deserve it. I love you, bye." Rita Bennett Morgan. Not her actual last words, but the last words we hear from her before Dexter discovers her body.
    • "I watched you so carefully the last time you were here. You used to just cower and cry!" Jordan Chase
    • "This is not how it's supposed to be!" Travis Marshall
    • "There's hope for you yet" Isaak Sirko
    • "Do it Debra, shoot him. Do it, shoot him! This is not who you are, you're a good cop, you're a good person. Put him down! Maria LaGuerta
    • "I just wanted to see you. Guess I'm sounding like a mother already... constantly wanting her son around..." Evelyn Vogel
    • "The next word you say better be goodbye." Debra Morgan
  • Dinosaurs
    • "Eeggh! Aaggh! I'm dying, you idiot!" The Chief Elder
    • "You see, son? Dinosaurs have been around here for more than 150 million years! It's not like if we're all gonna... (pause) ...disappear..." Earl Sinclair
    • "This is Howard Handupme signing off for the very last time... Good night... ...and goodbye..." Howard Handupme
  • Dollhouse
    • "When we were together, you made me feel like a real person." Mellie/November
    • "He's remarkable." Bennett Halverson
    • "I try to be my best." Boyd Langton
    • "Hey, hey, hey, it's okay, you're gonna be—" Paul Ballard
    • "Huh." Topher Brink
  • Emmerdale
    • "Don't... please..." Gennie Walker
  • Fargo:
  • Farscape:
    • "Kiss me..." Gilina.
    • "I insist you reverse the control collar anesthetic and reawaken this Leviathan at once!" Moya's original pilot, before being executed.
    • "Ready." Stark, while being "dispersed" by the Plokavians.
    • "When I am finished with you, Dominar, death himself will pray for you!" Selto Durka.
    • "That's right- I'll explode if you shoot me! Good-bye Zhaan. This is not your fault... I always knew it had to end like this. Teurac.
    • "My female! My female! D'Argo, you must go back to her! You must tell her..." Rorf.
    • "Oh, what a waste..." Zelkin, after getting shot in the groin.
    • "Crichton! Cri-" Aeryn Sun.
    • "I have never before released my bristles to kill. Your forgiveness." Pathfinder Neeyala.
    • "Peace of mind, peace of spirit, peace of soul... Goodbye my love." Pau Zhaan, speaking telepathically to Stark after her long Final Speech to the others.
    • "Do you think that neural clones go to heaven? Well wherever I wind up, when I see your momma, I'll be sure to give her your regards." The "Crichton" neural clone, to Scorpius.
    • "Officer Sun, next time... be more decisive. Shoot... quicker... A soldier must not be weak. Weakness means defeat." Harvey (Talyn version) while being erased by Jack.
    • "This is the only chance we have to keep the Scarrans from-" Jack the Ancient.
    • "Don't worry about me... I've never felt better." John Crichton (Talyn version).
    • "Let me fall, Aeryn. Do it. Let me go... I died a long time ago. You live... for me." Xhalax Sun.
    • "Talyn... Starburst!" Bialar Crais.
    • "Too bad you can't save yourself!" Yal Henta.
    • "Without hesitation." Harvey (Moya version).
    • "You pompous little Dominar of nothing... I'm gonna rip your tiny little heart out!" Bioloid Stark.
    • "Emperor, the crystheriums are intact: the matriarch plant has not been harmed. Our fears were completely groundless." Captain Jenek.
    • "What is that?" Rahzaro, before being disintegrated by Crichton's fission bomb.
    • "Emperor! Crichton has turned the wormhole against us. We will not-" Pennoch.
    • "Scarran vessel, please respond." Jool.
    • "And if that fails? No, I will not be remembered by history as the commander under whom Peacekeeperdom fell." Grand Chancellor Maryk.
    • "It is... the proper course of action." Hierarch Yondalao.
    • "At least you die." War Minister Ahkna.
    • "I'm your daddy!" Ka D'Argo
    • "Goodbye, John. Thanks for your memories." Harvey. This time Killed Off for Real
  • Firefly
    • "Anyone makes so much as a —!" Dobson. He gets better.
    • "Keep the money. Use it to buy a funeral. It doesn't matter where you go, or how far you fly. I will hunt you down, and the last thing you see will be my blade." Crow, right before Mal changes his mind about letting Crow go and kicks him into the engine.
    • "This is the plan." Stitch Hessian.
    • "Much as I did." Agent McGinnis, in response to a Blue Hand's question of whether his men spoke to River.
    • "Guess I did at that..." Tracey, in response to Mal's "find someone to carry you" line.
    • " I am." Jubal Early. Jury's out on whether or not he'll be back.
  • Hannibal
    • "See? See?" Gareth Jacob Hobbs
    • "I was looking forward to that." Tobias Budge
    • "Are you going to kill me?" Abigail Hobbs
    • "Oh my god." Beverly Katz
    • "My compliments to the chef." Abel Gideon
    • "You cannot see it and you will not see it, until it is too late. Don't say I didn't warn you, Doctor Bloom. In fact, I think these should be my last words on the subject of the Ripper, until my lawyer arrives." Frederick Chilton.
  • Hell on Wheels
    • "How do you know about Meridian?" Col. Prescott
    • "Head for the trees. Don't look back." Robert Bell
    • "Hey, I said don't bother." Willie
    • "Well, it hardly matters now." Daniel Johnson
    • "I can prove it." Sgt. Harper
    • "Behold... Your legacy!" Reverend Nathaniel Cole
    • "Father, forgive me." Mr. Toole
    • "Bohannon will kill you. Lily Bell
  • Homicide: Life on the Street
    • "I'm okay." John Lange, "Subway". Not a recurring character, but boy, does this one rate.
  • House
    • (to the question why isn't she angry) "That's... not... the last feeling I want to experience." Amber Volakis
  • Inspector Morse
    • "Thank ... Lewis for me." Morse
  • HouseOfCardsUS
    • " ..think aboutsomething" Peter Russo
    • " I want to believe youFrancis, I-" Zoe Barnes
  • Justified
    • " This is supreme bullshit." Tommy Bucks.
    • " I love you Mindy." Rolly Pike.
    • " You gon' pull the trigger or you gon' talk me to death?" Bo Crowder.
    • " You're dead, girl." Coover Bennett.
    • " After Arlo gives you back whatever it is he took, what are you gonna do then?" Helen Givens
    • " This bullet's been on it's way for twenty years." Doyle Bennett
    • " Put an end to my troubles. Get to see my boys again. Get to know the mystery." Mags Bennett.
    • " WAIT!" Devil
    • " What message do you want me to give to Raylan?" Gary Hawkins
    • " The righteous man knows his only true protection comes from the Lord!" Billy St. Cyr
    • " Where you hear that?" Agent Barkley
    • " Kiss my ass." Arlo Givens
    • " I guess I'll quit today." Colton Rhodes
    • " We're just waiting for the plane, I'll be back in Detroit before breakfast, and I'll take care of it when I get back there." Nicky Augustine
    • " Yeah, I want it." Sammy Tonin
    • " Mr. Crowder-" Lee Paxton
    • " You just shot me in the hand!" Al the Canadian
    • " We should get something to eat so it looks less suspicious." Sheriff Mooney
    • " Hahaha, good luck getting that shit out of Mexico-" Johnny Crowder
    • " Remember I gave you that tip? Turned out to be a DEA sting. You didn't even know what your own office was doing." Rodney " Hot Rod" Dunham
    • " Let's see." Danny Crowe
    • " Shit'll kill you." Picker
  • The League of Gentlemen:
    • "I will not lie to you. In all honesty, in the sight of God, this epidemic is over. There are no more, I repeat no more, nosebleeds." The Mayer of Royston Vasey. Guess what he dies of.
    • " Edward? Will Heaven be like Swansea?"
    • "Yes, Tubbs. Only bigger." Subverted. They both survive.
    • "Lines and lines and lines and lines and-" Tubbs Tattsyrup, for real
    • "I am just a queen." Herr Lipp, before becoming a vampire in the Christmas Special
    • "Perfect...I'm perfect..." Lance Longthorne, regaining his lost arm as he ascends to Heaven.
    • From Apocalypse
      • "You're The Hero, Geoff." Hilary Briss
      • "Can you be killed by your own creation? Reece Shearsmith
      • "Oh, fuck." Erasmus Pea
  • Leverage
    • "You said you didn't like guns." Chapman
    • "Tell them .. tell them .. tell them how much Jimmy Ford loves his son." - Jimmy Ford
  • Lost Tapes
    • "Come on, honey." Bartolemo Ramirez
    • "Carefully." Juanita Ramirez
    • "Let go of me! Get away, you hairy- aaahh!" the Poacher
    • Tom! Anybody! Sharon Novak
    • "Goodbye, losers!" Tylor Shuman
    • I don't see him! Do you see him, guys? Bruce Delroy
    • "Oh my God! No! Get me outta here?" Ruthie Simple.
    • "Hey, Catherine. It's not how I expected to... you tell Maria that I love her... and take care of her... I love you both." Tim Akron
    • "The reason the creature wants the little girl is because she's young and vulnerable... and so is an old woman." Hazel
    • "Something's down here with me." Corporal Latrell Wade
    • "It's that noise again!" Corporal Derek Sawyer
    • "I think I can see the crates from where we came in." Scott Sumner
    • "It's my lucky day." Ken Tobar
  • Mad Men
    • "Oh Crap!" The original Don Draper.
    • " It ain't gonna rain." Archie Whitman.
  • The Mentalist
    • "Tiger tiger..." Todd Johnson
    • "Patrick... thank you." Dr. Steiner
    • "Gra—" Craig O'Laughlin
    • "Tyger... Tyger..." Brett Partridge
    • "Just do it here." Robert Kirkland
    • "Hey w—" Gale Bertram
    • "Yes." Sheriff Thomas McAllister, in response to being asked if he's afraid to die.
    • "You bitch! When I get free, I'll kill you! YOU HEAR ME?" Francisco "Paco" Perez, before the villian of the week shoots him in the head.
    • "My... dog..." JJ LaRoche
  • Misfits
    • "What'd you do to my phone? Man, I'm telling you, I'm going to come out there and I'm gonna mash you u..." Gary.
    • "CHAAAAAAV!" Tony Morecombe the probation worker.
    • " Simon, you don't owe them anything." Sally the probation worker.
    • "You idiot!" Rachel.
    • "Save me, Barry!" Nathan Young; thanks to his newfound immortality, he came back in the next series.
    • "Lick my salty balls, you cock-loving ball-sucking bitch!" Shaun the probation worker; almost immediately undone by Curtis.
    • "Don't worry about me. I'll just... die... again..." Nathan Young; again, he got better.
    • "It's you falling in love with him... that makes him become me... it's all coming together..." Simon Bellamy, AKA: Superhoodie.
    • "Who's there?! You don't wanna mess with me, man! I do that cage-fighting shit- I've killed a Chinese man with my bare hands! Oh yeah, who's scared now, huh?" Nathan Young. Again.
    • "Do you understand now? I just wanted to be human. It was all worth it, to be with you." Bruno the Gorilla.
    • "There's something dripping from the ceiling! I dunno wha-" Kelly Bailey. Thanks to Curtis, she got better.
    • "And now, for your viewing pleasure, I will blow my brains out, live on national television! Enjoy!" Nathan Young; not only does he get better, but thanks to Curtis, this death didn't even happen.
    • "Oh shit..." Nikki. Thanks to time travel, she got better.
    • "If the mountain won't come to Mohammed..." The False Jesus.
    • "Jesus!" Charlie
    • "What is it?! Tell me!" Tanya
    • "A superhero has to be prepared to die for what he believes in..." Peter
    • "Take the power. I'm too weak to do anything with it. You have to put it right... take it!" Friedrich Hirsch. As part of the Nazi timeline, this was undone.
    • "Don't do it." Curtis Donovan. Like in Friedrich's case, this death was undone.
    • "Hitler... get... the phone..." Seth. Like in the two above, his death was undone by Kelly.
    • "I can't believe I never picked up on it! You bunch of dicks- fucking superheroes..." Shaun The Probation Worker. Killed Off for Real.
    • "You bastard." Shannon Speers.
    • "Seriously? Where's the fun in that?" Psycho Rudy
    • "Can someone tell me, what the hell is going on?!" Jake
    • "Curtis?" Lola
    • "There are no happy endings. It's zombie noir, ain't it? It's better this way. Take care of yourself, yeah?" Curtis Donovan. Killed Off for Real.
    • "You'd really do that? You'd all die for me? ... I'm really glad I met you." Nadine
    • "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't shoot you both down." Tim
    • "Any more bright ideas?" Sarah
    • "Get off of me!" Sam
    • "You killed Sam... You killed Sam!" Karen
    • "You're a fuckin' idiot" Helen
    • "I think I'm gonna be alright." Rudy Wade
    • "Hi. It's me..." Jess. Her death forces Luke to turn back time and undo her death, along with Sam's, Karen's, Helen's and Rudy's.
    • "We'll always be together" Luke
  • Mission: Impossible
    • Let me be your fuehrer! Let me be your fuehrer!" Friedrich Rudd, after the team leaves him to the mercies of his "allies".
  • NCIS
    • "Wow, I thought I'd die before I ever heard-" Kate Todd
  • Once Upon a Time
    • "I believe, given the chance, we can find happiness. Together. But the choice is yours." Henry Mills (Regina's father, not her son)
    • "Thank you. I understand. I believe that's what you're doing now." Daniel
    • "I remember.. I remember. Thank you." Graham/The Huntsman
    • "I know how to recognize.. a desperate soul." Zoso/The Dark One
    • "You chose her." Anita
    • "I love you." Milah
    • "My only regret is that I won't live to see you marry Snow." Ruth
    • "The boy.. will be your undoing." The Blind Seer
    • "As long as you hold the spirit of goodness in your heart, I shall never leave you." Queen Eva
    • "Let me go, Snow, it's alright!" Johanna
    • "This would've been enough. You would've been enough." Cora Mills
    • "Then you're not getting the boy." Greg Mendell
    • "Can you forgive me?" Tamara
    • "Don't do this, Rumple. We can still go back. We can still have our happy ending." Peter Pan
    • "But I'm a villain! And villains don't get happy endings." Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold, although he gets better soon enough.
    • "I love you too, papa." Neal Cassidy/Baelfire
  • The Originals
    • "Rot in hell, monster." Jane-Anne Deveraux
    • "... drink." Timothy
    • "I believe." Davina Claire. She gets better though.
    • "In the name of the witches of the french quarter... it is my honor." Papa Tunde
    • " Monique]... stop..." Sophie Deveraux
  • Orphan Black
    • " You're not Beth." Katja Obinger
    • " No." Olivier Duvall
    • " Allison!" Aynesley
    • " Your foster mother...." Amelia
    • " Sarah, we make a family, yes?" Helena
  • Oz
    • I can... I can feel my legs...": Augustus Hill
    • "That cocksucker!" Vern Schillinger's last words on being stabbed by his Arch-Enemy Tobias Beecher during a performance of ''Macbeth''. Ironically he's not referring to Beecher, but to Manipulative Bastard Chris Keller, who switched Beecher's prop knife for a real one (it was supposed to be the other way round).
  • Pretty Little Liars:
    • "What are you doing here?" Ian Thomas
    • "Come here, where are you going?" Nathan St. Germain/Lyndon James
    • "It's so beautiful. I'm so... sorr-" Ezra Fitz
  • Primeval:
    • "That body we found... it was me, wasn't it? I was looking at myself." Tom Ryan
    • "I'm a professional. I don't talk. Ever." "The Cleaner"
    • "What have you done? They're going to kill us all! No!" Oliver Leek
    • "Tell Abby and Connor to keep out of trouble." Stephen Hart
    • "Save yourself." Nick Cutter clone
    • "Temple, tell Claudia Brown... never mind, it doesn't matter." Nick Cutter
    • "Help me!" Christine Johnson
    • "And you know what? You're both wrong. Goodbye, Danny." Helen Cutter
  • Prison Break:
    • "Oh my God." Veronica Donovan
    • "I kneel only to God, and I don't see him here" John Abruzzi
    • "Maybe you don't, but I do" Brad Bellick
    • "We're free now. Finally, we're free" Michael Scofield. Not his actual final words, but they're the last words he leaves for Lincoln and Sara on a tape. They're also the last words of the show.
  • Psych
    • "Do you think there is racquetball in heaven?" Mary Lightly
  • Red Dwarf:
    • "Gazpacho soup!" Arnold Rimmer (Interesting case where the reasoning for these incredibly strange last words is investigated. It only makes Rimmer's 'life' worse when Lister finds out.)
  • Subverted in the 1996 BBC series Rhodes. After Cecil Rhodes has died Dr Johnson is asked by reporters what his last words are. He replies: "So much to do, so little done" whereas Rhodes was actually griping: "Why can't that woman (Catherine Radziwiłł, who was stalking him) leave me alone?" and then an instruction to his servant to roll him over.
  • Robin Hood
    • "My name is Royston White! I fight for Robin Hood and King Richard!" Royston White
    • "That's better." Marian
    • "You!" Allan-a-Dale
    • "I'm sorry. At least you have someone waiting for you. Marian. The love of my life. She was always yours. I lived in shame... but because of you... I die proud. I am free." Guy of Gisborne
    • "They've all escaped. How could that happen?" Isabella of Gisborne
    • "Hm. Byzantine fire." Vaisey, Sheriff of Nottingham
    • "My wife." Robin Hood of Locksley
  • Subverted on Rome where Caesar dies without uttering his documented last words, or any more famous version of them (such as "et tu Brute"), which means the last thing he actually says is "Take your hands off me." before the assassins attack.
  • Strike Back
    • "Latif must speak in the only language the west understands... Blood. John Porter
    • "I will kill her. I will kill... Abasi Sawatha
    • "What about my family? Kenneth Bratton
    • "You always had my back" Kate Marshall
    • "I'd like it to be you. Soldier to Soldier." Daniel Connelly
    • "Yes" in response to being asked if he has a family. Oliver Sinclair
    • "Shot in the back, that figures." Karl Matlock
    • "Come on, Stonebridge." Craig Hanson
    • "I'll see you in hell, soldier." James Leatherby, having been shot several times.
  • The Sarah Connor Chronicles
    • "I'll never help you get to John Connor." Allison Young
    • "I'm sorry John." Cameron's last message to John that repeats itself on the computer monitor. However, it's still unknown whether or not her AI survived on the chip.
    • "I'm not gonna scream." Dr. Boyd Sherman's assistant before she was killed by a terminator
    • "God, that bitch pisses me off." Mr. Tuck
    • "That's never happened before." Mr. Nelson, foreman of Serrano nuclear plant
  • Played with in one of J.D.'s fantasies in Scrubs:
    Executioner: Any last words?
    J.D.: ..."I'm a-kay?" Wait, that was terrible. Can I have a do-over?
  • Shameless (US)
    • "Goodbye, Sheila" Peg Gallagher
  • From Sherlock:
    • "MORIARTY!" Jeff Hope
    • "Pin yin. Liang. Liang. Qing!" Soo Lin Yao
    • "I will not reveal your identity." General Shan
    • "His voice... it sounded so soft..." The blind woman
    • "Tom? Is that you?" Professor Cairns
    • "For God's sake, kill it! KILL IT!" Dr. Robert Frankland
    • "Thank you. Bless you. As long as I'm alive, you can save your friends. You've got a way out. Well, good luck with that!" Moriarty, right before he blows his head off.
    • "Goodbye, John." Sherlock, before committing suicide. Sort of.
    • "Sorry! No chance for you to be a hero this time, Mister Holmes." Charles Augustus Magnussen.
  • The Shield
    • "Shane? Shane!" Lem just before being blown up by his best friend.
    • "Family meeting." Shane.
  • Skins
    • "I got it... it's Jal. Got it..." Chris Miles
    • "Ah, get the fuck off me! Get the fuck... ah!" Freddie McClair
  • Sons of Anarchy
    • "He never sees this." AJ Weston
    • "Take care of our girls, Filip, yeah?" Jimmy O'Phelan
    • "Please, Opie, you had mercy before... I'm begging you, don't do this..." June Stahl
    • "You gotta be shittin' me." Kozik
    • "You stupid cracker bitch, you know what happens to whoever kills me, right?" Damon Pope
    • "I did not see that coming." Lee Torric
    • "Good job, Jackson." Galen O'Shea
    • "This good?" Clay Morrow
  • The Sopranos
    • "Mother of God...God..." Jimmy Altieri
    • " Oh come on, please, please." Mikey Palmice
    • "Mommy!" Matthew Bevilaqua
    • "Fuck outta here, I'm in no mood for your..." Richie Aprile
    • "Is that all right, Tony? Can I sit down?" Salvatore "Big Pussy" Bompensero
    • "What are you laughin' at?" Jackie Aprile Jnr.
    • "Ya fat fuck!" Ralph Cifaretto
    • "No, no, please, please, no, no, no, no, no, no..." Adriana la Cerva
    • "Never pass a drug test... call me a taxi." Chris Molitsanti
    • "He don't care." Bobby Baccalieri
    • "Tell the god damn pharmacist to call Dr. Iaconis. I should get a sixty day supply of the-" Phil Leotardo
    • "I went ahead and ordered something for the table." Tony, depending on which interpretation of the ending you believe.
  • Teen Wolf
    • "I'm sorry." Kate Argent. She gets better
    • "You've... already... decided. I can smell it on you!" Peter Hale. He gets better.
    • "I can't do this myself. Chris, help me... Now." Victoria Argent.
    • "Boyd..." Erica Reyes
    • "The full moon... that feeling... it was worth it. Do you know it was a lunar eclipse? Always wondered what that felt like for one of us. For a werewolf." Vernon Boyd
    • "Of course it's you. Everyone else suffers, but somehow you come out on top. And now that Scott's an Alpha, you'll be able to steal it from him. You'll be an Alpha again." Jennifer Blake/The Darach
    • "It's ok. It's ok. It's perfect. I'm in the arms... of my first love. The first person I ever loved, the person I'll always love. I love you, Scott. Scott McCall. [...] You have to tell my dad. You have to tell my dad, tell him..." Allison Argent
    • "Change the host..." The Nogitsune
    • "Lydia never believed I was one of the good guys anyways." Aiden
  • Third Watch
    • "My mother... Tell her it didn't hurt." Alex Taylor
  • ''True Detective'
    • " You'll do this again. Time is a flat circle." Reggie Ladoux
    • " Take off your mask" Errol Childress
  • The Vampire Diaries:
    • "Why?" Lexi Branson
    • "Let me help you with that case." Pearl
    • "Please... no!" Anna
    • "Damon... why are you here?" Richard Lockwood
    • "On the count of three. One... two..." Rose
    • "I'm so sorry Elena... I was such a disappoinment to you." Isobel Flemming
    • "It's alright Elena, I know what I have to do." Jenna Sommers
    • "Go to hell." Elena Gilbert. She gets better.
    • " Katherine..." Mikael
    • "It's okay. This is life. This is what it means to be human." Bill Forbes
    • "Vervain..." Finn Mikaelson
    • "What's happening?" Alaric Saltzman
    • " Klaus, please, don't hurt him. He's my son. He's all I have." Carol Lockwood
    • "I don't know Elena, please help me!" Megan King
    • "So what did you do? Did you kill 'em?" Aaron Whitmore
    • "I didn't do this to you. You are this. I simply held up the mirror." Wes Maxfield
    • "My mother's name is Katherine, I'm looking for her. She's a liar, and a murderer, she manipulates and she betrays. She'll do anything to survive. I'm looking for my mother." Nadia Petrova
    • "Then I guess this is how our love story ends..." Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova
  • Veronica Mars:
    • "That's what I thought." Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas
    • "Who's that handsome fellow?" Aaron Echolls. He was watching one of his old movies just prior to being shot in the back of the head.
    • "I... smell bread..." Sheriff Don Lamb
  • The Walking Dead
    • "What'd I say?" Ed Peletier
    • "We're out of toilet paper?" Amy
    • "They got out" Dr. Edwin Jenner
    • "No no, don't leave me." Sophia Peletier
    • "This was you, not me! You did this to us! This was you, not me- not me!" Shane Walsh
    • "Good night, love" Lori Grimes
    • "Go, go, get out of here!" T-Dog
    • "One time, that son of a-" Axel
    • "I ain't gonna beg. I ain't begging you!" Merle Dixon
    • "Here. Take it..." Ben
    • "I tried..." Andrea
    • "Ah, Jesus. I should've taken some golf lessons." Caesar Martinez
    • "It's alright, I can do it by myself." Meghan Chambler
    • "Kill them all!" Philip Blake/The Governor
    • "I'm sorry. Please, don't be mad at me. I'm sorry." Lizzie Samuels
    • "What the hell are you gonna do now, sport?" Joe
  • White Collar
    • "I don't know why Burke is here. Does this change the plan?" Kate Moreau
    • "You won't get away with this. Goodbye, Neal." Vincent Adler
  • The Wire
    • "It's us, man." Wallace.
    • " All right then, gimme a minute, I'm gonna finish up real quick, then I'll go get one for you." D'Angelo Barksdale.
    • "Well, get on with it, motherf—" Stringer Bell
    • "You ain't putting me up in one of them empty-ass houses neither!" Bodie Broadus
    • "Ain't no other way, then. I can see that." Butchie.
    • "Proposition then. I just step out the way. You'll never hear from me again, I'll just dissappear." Proposition Joe Stewart.
    • "Let me get one of them t—" Omar Little
    • "How my hair look, Mike?" Felicia "Snoop" Pearson
    • "When it was my uncle, I was with my uncle. When it was Marlo, I was with him. But now, nigga —" Cheese Wagstaff
  • Young Dracula
    • "." Boris Dracula
    • "." Will Clarke
    • "." Sethius
    • "School For Coexistence And Respect." Ryan Noble
    • "Don't do it." Erin Noble. She Comes Back Wrong.
    • "Lunch." Adze Ramanga
    • "Vlad! I've been looking for you everywhere! I know. I know who-" Bertrand de Fortunessa
  • The Young Ones

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