Darth Wiki / Night Fable

There exists no heaven without hell;

There is no dark without light.

No evil unfounded in goodness,

Nor wrong without its right.

Of imbalance woven are legends

Recounting the infinite fight

And the world that is destined

For an unending night.

Night Fable is a video game concept and world originally developed by medi-melancholy. The story focuses on a world protected by a mysterious Goddess in the midst of a primal chaos, and the events that follow from the Goddess taking a villainous pupil under her wing.

Features include a lazy yet endearing loser protagonist, demonic rocks, a mysterious and seemingly bottomless ocean void, a Quirky Miniboss Squad of demons, strange and inexplicable places and happenings, and keeping grotesque monsters as pets.

    World Tropes: 

    Character Tropes: