Creator / Matthew Stanton

Matthew Stanton is an American actor whose birth date is not stated. He has been acting since 2002.

Works he has appeared in:

  • Animal Attraction: Feral Man
  • Banshee: Tweaker, appearing in the pilot episode
  • Becky And Barry The Series: Ed, appearing in the episode "Acting Club"
  • Blood Car: Shot Agent
  • The Change-Up: PA
  • Dawson's Creek: A/V Film Geek, appearing in the episode "Joey Potter and Capeside Redemption"
  • Devil's Knot: Detective Durham
  • The Faith Healer's Manual for the Slightly Inebriated: Howie (as Matt Stanton)
  • A Free Bird: Tammy's Date
  • Frisky Dingo: His voice, appearing in the episodes "Blind Faith", and "The Grate Escape"
  • The Hawk Is Dying: Peter Sweet
  • Lawn Chair Frontier: Howie
  • Necessary Roughness: Pete Crowe, appearing in the episode "Mr. Irrelevant"
  • North Starr: Darring Clements
  • Pop Rocks: Ronnie Frank (as Matt Stanton)
  • Psychopathia Sexualis: Spy (as Matt Stanton)
  • The Return of Dr. Rod: Dominick (as Matt Stanton)
  • Revolution: Brian, appearing in the episode "Ghosts"
  • Say Yes Quickly: Hotel Desk Clerk
  • The Signal: Jerry (as Matt Stanton)
  • Stuff You Should Know: Paramedic, appearing in the episode "Minding the Hive"
  • Taking Chances: Shopper Man
  • Warm Springs: Scoutmaster (as Matt Stanton)
  • The Xtacles: Joseph Bigsby, appearing in the episodes "Operation: Murderous Conclusions", and "Operation: Mountain Punch"
  • Your Move: Man 1