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Creator: Impressions Games
Impressions Games is a Video Game developing company. Its founding date is 1989 and it seems to be defunct as of 2004.

Video games developed by this company:

  • 1000cc Turbo
  • Acropolis: Build and Rule Ancient Greece
  • Air Bucks (Amiga, Atari ST, PC)
  • Air Bucks v1.2
  • Blitzkrieg May 1940
  • Blue And the Gray
  • Breach 2
  • Breach 2 Enhanced
  • Breach 3
  • Caesar (Atari ST, Amiga, PC)
  • Caesar Deluxe
  • Caesar II (PC, Macintosh)
  • Caesar III
  • Cap'n Carnage
  • Chariots of Wrath (Amiga, Atari ST)
  • Civil War Generals 2: Grant, Lee, Sherman
  • Cohort
  • Cohort II (Amiga, PC)
  • Conquest of Japan (Amiga, PC)
  • Crime City (Amiga, PC)
  • D-Day: The Beginning Of The End
  • Detroit (Amiga, PC)
  • Discovery: In The Steps Of Columbus
  • Edward Grabowski's The Blue & The Gray
  • Emperor Of The Mines
  • F.C. Manager
  • Feudal Lords
  • Fighter Command
  • Fighting For Rome
  • Final Conflict
  • Fort Apache
  • Front Lines
  • Global Domination
  • Great Napoleonic Battles
  • High Seas Trader
  • Hyperaction
  • Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match (Amiga, Commodore 64)
  • Kenny Dalglish: Soccer Match
  • Legend of the Lost
  • Lords of Magic
  • Lords of Magic: Legends of Urak
  • Lords of Magic: Special Edition
  • Lords of the Realm (Amiga, PC)
  • Lords of the Realm II
  • Lords of the Realm II: Royal Edition
  • Lords of the Realm II: Siege Pack
  • Lords of the Realm III
  • Meister
  • Merchant Colony (PC, Atari ST, Amiga)
  • Paladin II
  • Pharaoh
  • Pharaoh Gold
  • Poseidon
  • Powerhouse
  • Raider
  • Renaissance
  • Rorke's Drift
  • Rules of Engagement 2 (Amiga, PC)
  • Space Bucks
  • Spacebike
  • Striker No. 9
  • Super League Soccer
  • Superleague Soccer
  • Tee Off!
  • The Charge of the Light Brigade (PC, Amiga, Atari ST)
  • Tornado Ground Attack
  • Trivia Game Show
  • Ultimate Soccer Manager 2
  • Ultimate Soccer Manager '98
  • Ultimate Soccer Manager Data Disks
  • Universe 3
  • Warriors Of Releyne
  • Web of Terror
  • When Two Worlds War (Amiga, PC)
  • Zeus: Master of Olympus

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