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Of these are my favorite things! Wolves and Military Grade Hardware!
Darkflamewolf is a prolific fan game designer who has created a variety of missions/campaigns/games for commercial video games such as Duke Nukem 3D, Descent, Zelda Classic, RPG Maker, Game Maker, and Big Kahuna Reef.

She started off as a young player wanting to create her own games since she first received Duke Nukem 3D from a friend in middle school. Once she found out it had a level editor, the spark of creativity was lit and it has not gone out yet. Since then, she acquired and learned to master the Descent Mission Builder that came with special editions of Descent; she went on to create several campaigns throughout the years for the game series. She also dabbled in RPG Maker territory, creating two games and currently working on a third which appears to be in Development Hell, even to the point of Vapor Ware. She has also created a sizeable collection of Zelda Classic quests, some of which are quite popular within that community. Interestingly, she dove into Big Kahuna Reef and created multiple level packs totaling over 250 challenging levels. Finally, she finished and released a fan made Mega Man game, Megaman: Revenge of the Fallen, on Nov 27, 2014. She has recently dabbled in writing her own stories and has completed a full novel-sized fanfic for The Legend of Zelda series entitled Zelda's Honor as well as working on another three fanfics for Final Fantasy VIII and Zootopia.

Her current round of projects involve a self-made RPG that has been in the works since 2006, and a new mission set for the Descent series. She is also spearheading a OC Remix album for the soundtrack of Skies of Arcadia with a total of 36 planned tracks across 3 CD s. As of February 7, 2017, this album has been granted official OC Remix album status!

You can follow her on Facebook. She also has her own Youtube channel which details 100% walkthroughs of her works alongside various Let's Plays of commercial games. Given the name and that they are involved in the furry fandom, Darkflamewolf also has quite an impressive collection of art revolving around her fursona and other characters she's created - You can find them at these locations: Fur Affinity, Deviantart, So Furry, and Ink Bunny.

Games Darkflamewolf has made:

  • Duke Nukem 3D:
    • The Return (5-level mission pack w/ 4 secret levels and 2 MP levels. Included custom enemies, weapons and textures.)
    • The Realms of Grune (5-level mission pack w/ 1 secret level and 1 MP level. Included custom enemies, weapons and textures.)
  • Descent:
    • Bahagad Outbreak (8-level campaign w/ 2 secret levels. Included custom music and modified robots.)
    • The Lost Levels (24-level campaign w/ 1 secret level. Included a new set of weapons, two new player ships, custom music and modified robots.)
    • Descent The Enemy Within (26-level campaign w/ 6 secret levels. Included brand new robot cast, new player ship, new HUD, custom music and textures.)
    • Descent Vignettes (25-level campaign w/ 2 secret levels. Included custom music.)
    • Multitude of Descent Multiplayer levels (Notable ones include The Purple Room, Alpha Quadrant, Azure Catacombs, Arbiter Grounds, Castle de le Muerte, Damned Warehouse, Hive of Despair, Wolfie's Tea Room, Infernal Cavern, Forgotten Fortress and Chaos Theory.)
  • Zelda Classic:
    • Wolfstyle (First quest made; 7 major dungeons, not a full overworld.)
    • The Fallen One (Second quest made; 9 major dungeons, full overworld.)
    • The Fragments of Power (Third quest made; 9 major dungeons + 1 Master Dome, full overworld.)
    • 1st Quest Revamp (Fourth quest made; Remake of the original 1st quest from The Legend of Zelda.)
    • Hidden Duality (Fifth quest made; 10 major dungeons, 5 optional dungeons, 2 full overworlds.)
    • Isle of the Winds (Sixth quest made; 9 major dungeons, 4 optional dungeons, 1 overworld - comprised of 2 full overworlds.)
    • Ganon's Claim (Seventh quest made; 5 major dungeons + 1 Master Dome, 1 half overworld.)
    • Wolfstyle DX (Eighth quest made; 7 major dungeons + 1 Master Dome, 1 half overworld.)
    • Lost Isle (Ninth quest made; 5 major dungeons, 3+ optional dungeons, 3 full overworlds.)
    • Origin (Tenth quest made; Re-envisioning of the 1st and 2nd quests from The Legend of Zelda. Includes a brutally hard 3rd quest mix of the first two.)
  • RPG Maker, Game Maker and other engines:
    • Land of Dreams (Second RPG made; first released. Simple, basic and full of cliches.)
    • Megaman Tournament (Third RPG made. Basically a fighting strategy game, no real exploration of note.)
    • Megaman: Revenge of the Fallen (A 20-stage Mega Man fan game that brings 11 Robot Masters to the table and a boatload of upgrades and collectables to find.)
  • Big Kahuna Reef:
    • Wolfie Levels (First set released; 40 levels.)
    • Wolficades (Second set released; 30 levels.)
    • Wolfie's Metroid (Third set released; 50 levels.)
    • Wolfie Zelda (Fourth set released; 30 levels.)
    • Wolfie Deluxe (Fifth set released; 50 levels.)
    • Wolfie Bonus Pack (Sixth set released; 10 levels.)
    • Wolfie Masks (Seventh set released; 92 levels.)
    • Wolfie Variations (Eighth set released; 45 levels.)

Physical Card Fan Games Darkflamewolf has completed:

  • Super Smash Bros. Triple Triad: The classic Final Fantasy VIII mini-game, now with Super Smash Bros. Brawl enemies and characters printed on the cards instead. Each card also comes with a small paraphrased blurb that can be found on the trophy itself within the game. Several new rules and game types were added to spice up the existing game format. Prices are listed on the photo album but you're looking at roughly $82 if you absolutely want everything.
  • Megaman Battle Network Collectible Card Game: A interesting variation on the Magic: The Gathering format which adds a physical game board playing space where you can place your Net Navis on and maneuver them around while 'executing' them to attack your opponent. Looks to be a complex card game where deck building is only half the battle. Prices are listed on the photo album but you're looking at roughly $120 if you absolutely want everything.

Games/Stories Darkflamewolf is currently making/writing:

  • RPG Maker:
    • Amulet Of Fate (Massive open-world RPG with multiple character stories and over 70+ sidequests planned. Open to multiple endings and complete player freedom of choice.)
  • Descent:
    • Arcade Descent (50-level campaign. Will include custom music, textures and a modified robot cast.)
  • Final Fantasy VIII:
    • Fate Deceived: A fanfic story set about one year after the events of the game. Following the wake of the second sorceress war with Ultimecia and her plan for Time Compression, Squall and the rest of SeeD are trying to rebuild the world after the previous year's Lunar Cry; getting governments to come to terms and establish a world peace treaty. All seems well until a dark secret from within Esthar comes to light and puts all their hard work at risk as SeeD is hunted down from both within and everywhere they go.
  • Zootopia: Death Becomes You: A fanfic story set a little over a year after the plot of the movie Zootopia. Nick and Judy have become fast friends and great partners on the ZPD force and are potentially making the next big leap in their relationship by visiting her parents and introducing them to Nick. However, a sinister plot begins to infiltrate the peaceful Zootopia from within, seeking to tear the entire fabric of their utopia apart and utilize every animal as nothing more than food. Can Nick and Judy solve the crisis before it tears their world apart?

Stories Darkflamewolf has finished writing:

  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Zelda's Honor: A fanfic story set in the timeline following the events of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. It is intending to bridge the gap between the events of those games and its subsequent entry on the same timeline, Twilight Princess, while bringing in elements of Skyward Sword and the overall mythos of the series. Intended for adult audiences only.
      • She is now offering, for private sale, a hard copy book of this fanfic complete with custom cover artwork and about 15~ detailed sketches of characters or story events scattered throughout its pages. She is currently offering it at $28 (+$8 extra if you want her signature) and pictures of the book can be found here.

Tropes that could apply to Darkflamewolf or her works:

  • American Kirby Is Hardcore: Seemingly influenced by westernized gritty remakes or revampings of classic series, Darkflamewolf has turned several fan works of hers into dark versions of their former franchise canon selves — to the point it seems to be her stamp of influence on anything she does.
    • The most notable examples being Zelda's Honor and Lost Isle, where she includes gore, rape and such.
    • Not to say Final Fantasy VIII was aimed at younger kids per sey, but her new fanfic involving this game universe seems to be on the extreme end of the rating scale.
    • And now her Zootopia fanfic of Death Becomes You is looking to be heading the same dark path. The first chapter alone starts off with a brutal boxing match with Judy pitted against a polar bear. A rape crime scene and violent interludes of torture. We haven't even begun chapter 2 yet!
  • Nintendo Hard: Most Let's Players and reviewers have commented on how difficult most of her games are and tend to agree with the assessment that they can be quite brutal to the uninitiated. Those who are more familiar with her previous works can usually expect a good challenge.

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