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Conservation Of Ninjutsu: Web Animation

  • Lampshaded in Metal Gear Awesome: Snake is detected and surrounded by innumerable enemy guards, and Colonel performs his classic "Snake? Snake? Snaaake!" line...only to reveal that Snake not only killed all of them but "didn't even break a sweat".
    • Snake then killed a dog by sweating.
  • An overwhelming majority of Stick Figure Animations that involve fighting. To give you an example, check out Xiao Xiao No. 3. The main stickman kicks everyone's behind fairly easily with only one or two attacks. Only if there are 3 or less mooks on screen does he actually get hit. Also notable is the entirety of Terkoiz' amazing work like Unbalanced or The Shock Trilogy.
    • Worthy of note in Terkoiz's Shock series, is that this trope is played straight in the first two and subverted in the final part where Dark Green's ability to clone himself is actually what allows him to win.
  • An episode of Dick Figures plays this perfectly straight in an epic battle for chow mien.
  • In the "Yellow" trailer for RWBY, Yang effortlessly dispatches a dozen or so mooks without being touched, has to work for it fighting the Malachite sisters, and then receives her only serious blows when she faces off with the boss Junior.
    • Seen in the trailers overall: in "Red", Ruby easily takes down a large pack of beowolves without problem. In "Black", Blake and Adam easily mow through the robot guards that outnumber them.

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