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Characters: Transformers Alter Verse
This is a page created to inform both Tropers and Fans about the characters appearing in the Fan Fiction of Transformers Alter Verse. Being the readers of this Fan Fiction, you will encounter many Transformers (cybertronian) characters, of both old and new, as well as recurring ones that will play a vital role in the story. In terms of the other races, such as the Humans, the Nebulans and the Seraphims, there are some good, some evil, and some treading the thin line between heroes (or heroines) and villains (or villainesses).

Warning: This section contains a LOT of spoilers. Please read the story on Taiya001's and Victortky's deviantart pages before reading this section. Due to the sheer number of Original Character(s) appearing in this story, they have been placed according to their respective factions along the canon ones.

Due to the nature of the Fan Fiction as well as Original Characters, there is now a separate page for each of the following:

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