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    Ascendants and Kai Digi-Destined (DF-616) 
See Also: Digimon Fusion Kai

Taichi 'Tai' Kamiya & Agumon/Omega X

Tai/Omega X voiced by: Joshua Seth (Tai)/Sean Schemmel (Omega X/Tai (Season 3 onwards))
Agumon voiced by: Tom Fahn (Agumon), Lex Lang (VictoryGreymon)

Yamato 'Matt' Ishida & Gabumon/Metalla X

Matt/Yamato/Metalla X voiced by: Michael Reisz (Matt/Yamato)/Christopher Sabat (Yamato/Metalla X)/Richard Ian Cox (Matt/Yamato (Season 3 onwards))
Gabumon voiced by: Kirk Thornton (Gabumon, ZeedGarurumon)

Dimitri Ishida & Faith the Patamon/Angemon X

Dimitri/Angemon X voiced by: Eric Vale
Faith voiced by: Brina Palencia (Faith), Troy Baker (Angemon, MagnaAngemon, Seraphimon, Pegasusmon)
  • Expy: Future Trunks

Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya & Gatomon/Celesta X

Kari/Celesta X voiced by: Lara Jill Miller
Gatomon voiced by: Edie Mirman (Gatomon, Angewomon, Magnadramon, Nefertimon), Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Ophanimon)

Takeru 'TK' Takaishi & Patamon/WarAngemon

TK/WarAngemon voiced by: Doug Erholtz (As both)
Patamon voiced by: Laura Summer (Patamon), Dave Mallow (Angemon, MagnaAngemon, Pegasusmon), Jamieson Price (Seraphimon)

Davis Motomiya & Veemon/Ultima X

Davis/Ultima X voiced by: Brian Donovan (As both)
Veemon voiced by: Derek Stephen Prince (Veemon, XVeemon, Paildramon, Imperialdramon)

Ken Ichijouji & Wormmon (Kai)

Ken voiced by: Derek Stephen Prince
Wormmon voiced by: Paul St Peter (Wormmon, Stingmon, JewelBeemon, Imperialdramon)

The D3s

X/Max Kamiya (OC) note 

Voiced by: Matt Embry
  • Expy: A more badass King Kai

Keke (OC) note 

Voiced by: Parisa Fakhri
  • Expy: Universe 16!Bra (or Bulla)

Sam (OC) note 

Voiced by:
  • Expy: Partly Tien/Partly Yamcha

Tike (OC) note 

Voiced by: Laura Bailey

Kara (OC) note 

Voiced by: Kara Edwards
  • Expy: Partly Chibi Trunks/Partly Goten

David (OC) note 

Voiced by:



Voiced by: Steve Blum

Pikkan (OC)note 

Voiced by:

Sonja (OC)note 

Simms (OC)note 

Voiced by:

     Accel Stream Digi-Destined (XLR-8) 

Kensuke 'Ken' Rainer & Veemon/Dramon X (OC)note 

Ken voiced by: Brad Swaile (As both)
Veemon voiced by: Derek Stephen Prince
  • The Hero: Main character of Digimon: Accel Stream


Voiced by: Ben Diskin

Mikato & Shizuka Kagami

Mikato voiced by:
Shizuka voiced by:

Liollmon and Bearmon

Liollmon voiced by:
Bearmon voiced by:

    Team Xros Heart (DXW-06) 
See Also: Digimon Xros Wars

Taiki Kudo & Shoutmon

Taiki voiced by: Nicolas Roye
Shoutmon voiced by: Ben Diskin

Akari Hinomoto

Zenjirou Tsurugi

Kiriha Aonuma & Greymon

Kiriha voiced by: Vic Mignogna
Greymon voiced by:

Nene Amano

Voiced by: Melissa Fahn

Yuu Amano

Voiced by:


Voiced by: Kyle Hebert


Voiced by: Kyle Hebert

Beelzebumon (Xros Wars)

Voiced by: Matthew Mercer


Voiced by:


Voiced by:


Voiced by: Ben Diskin

    Cross Generations Heroes 
See Also: Digimon Fusion Kai

Madoka Kaname

->Voiced by: Christine Marie Cabanos

DATS (Digimon Data Squad/DF-616)


->Voiced by: Cassandra Lee

Ford & Gardevoir

->Voiced by: Johnny Yong Bosch (Ford), Kari Wahlgren (Gardevoir)

Lightning, Vegeta (GT), and Kratos

->Voiced by: Ali Hillis (Lightning), Christ Sabat (Vegeta), TC Carson (Kratos)

The Avengers (Marvel/DF-616)

     Paradixalmon and company 

Paradixalmon (OC)note 

Voiced by:

Beyond (OC)note 

Voiced by: Sean Schemmel

The Digital Warlord (OC)note 

Voiced by:

    GranDracmon's Forces 


Voiced by: Bill Rogers
  • Big Bad: In Siege of GranDracmon and Season 1 of Accel Stream.

Sailor Andes (Nirak Akaso) note 

Voiced by: Laura Bailey

Belialmon note 

Voiced by: Larry Leong
  • Expy: Berial from Devil May Cry 4.

Dagomon note 

Voiced by: Kyle Hebert
  • Expy: Dagon from Devil May Cry 4.

Echidnamon note 

  • Expy: Echidna from Devil May Cry 4.

Caiusmon note 

Voiced by:

Mutalior note 

Voiced by: Andrew Chandler

    DarkMagimon's Coven 
See Also: Digimon Fusion Kai



Fake Legendary Warriors


    Cross Generations Villains 
See Also: Digimon Fusion Kai


Super Jax

The Shadow Dramons

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