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Badass Bookworm: Animated Films
  • Maria Posada from The Book Of Life, is a lover of books, who can also kick butt.
  • Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon seems like an overthinking klutz of a Viking, but once he befriends Toothless and seriously studies Dragons, he is able to handle the species and use inventions with them in battle that leave his warrior contemporaries agape.
  • Edna in The Incredibles, a no-nonsense fashion designer who uses all sorts of advanced sciences in designing custom costumes for superheroes.
  • Blu in Rio becomes this over the course of his journey with Jewel. His skills that he learns as a pet (i.e. opening cages, skateboarding, climbing) would become useful later on. Linda and Tulio also are promoted to this rank.
  • Outside of Ascended Fanboy Fred, the heroes of Big Hero 6 are a bunch of science nerds who use their talents in various fields (Wasabi's laser-generated plasma, Gogo's mag-lev wheels, Honey's chemistry expertise, and Hiro's robotics know-how) to become superheroes.

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