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Awesome Music: Ninja Gaiden

Ninja Gaiden NES

Nex gen Ninja Gaiden

  • The three games' Main Themes of course.
  • Alma Awakened has an appropriate enough atmosphere for said boss.
  • Emperor, another of the first game's iconic themes.
  • Pray to God has a melancholic tone and a very appropriate title, considering that you hear it just before fighting Alma...
  • Around the World, from Ninja Gaiden II.
  • Sense of Mission, the music for Ayane's stage in Sigma 2. Surprisingly epic!
  • Fuga, which serves as Momiji's Leitmotif. The use of traditional Japanese instruments in the background notes gives it a special flavor.
  • Arachnoid and A Masked Curse are pretty epic for first-level boss themes.
  • Rush, pretty damn effective for getting you into the action instantly.
  • She, accompanying NG3's final boss fight.

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