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Awesome Music: Mitsumete Knight
Being created by two great video game companies such as Konami and Red Entertainment (Sakura Taisen), and being composed by three composers, including Seiya Murai (one of the composers of the Tokimeki Memorial and beatmania series), you can expect Mitsumete Knight to have a few little gems in its soundtracks.
  • The Original Sound Track has some great tunes. Examples:
    • "Valpha-Valaharian" (second version of the Opening).
    • "Man of the Orient" (The Asian's Theme).
    • "Embracing the dreams..." (Sophia's Theme).
    • "Let's whistle and walk" (Hanna's Theme).
    • "Cold Lips" (Raizze's Theme).
    • "Tenacity of the North Wind" ( Carneau's Theme).
    • "Entrusting to the Wind" (A peaceful Event theme).
    • "Scars of the Heart" (one of the "sad events" tunes, played, for example, when the Asian discovers the truth behind the ghost turmoil.
    • "Lost Timbre" (played when Sophia loses her voice due to the trauma caused by the terrorist bombing at the Theater).
    • "A Man's Fight" (War Battle theme).
    • "Salishuan the Spy".
    • "Sorrowful Sword" (played when battling Salishuan the Spy in special version).
    • "Proof of Bravery" ( Decorations' Ceremony theme).
    • "The Man From Far East" (Holy Knight version of the Bad Ending theme).
  • And the vocal tracks aren't outdone either. Some of the greatest songs are:
    • "Mitsumete" (normal Happy Ending theme).
    • "Asu o Yume Mite" (Sophia's Happy Ending theme).
    • "Koi o Suru to" (Anne's Ending theme).
    • "Ashita" (Priscilla Image Song, included in the "Vocalize" album: it's an Image Song adaptation of the OST tune "Entrusting to the Wind" cited above).
    • "Portrait" (Lesley Image Song, included in the "Vocalize" album).
    • "Poem born from the War" (Gene Image Song, included in the 1st Drama CD).
    • "Fate of the Warriors" (Raizze Image Song, included in the 4th Drama CD).

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