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Doom II

Doom (2016)
  • id got Mick Gordon to do the soundtrack, and it is awesome indeed. Sadly, there's been no word on any kind of official release of the soundtrack...not that it's stopped the fans from piecing together the music from the game's files.
    • The glorious menu theme that is based on a few tracks from the originals.
    • The theme which plays in Titan's realm, mixing Industrial and Metal with some demonic choir added to the mix.
    • Rip and Tear and BFG Division are standout combat pieces, with the former having some of the most aggressive Metal you're likely to hear in a video game. The former sounds like Slipknot, whereas the latter has clear Meshuggah influences, both also having some Fear Factory on the side.
  • It may be a Filk Song, but we'd be remiss to not mention Hell To Pay by Miracle Of Sound. This song is pure molten-metal awesomeness and serves as a fantastic reminder of just why this game is great; 'cause it revels in the hyper-violence and Rated M for Manly set pieces.
  • At DOOM's Gate. The main theme that plays at the intro of the game, remixed and done justice.

Other games in the series
  • The Doom 3 heavy theme. Reason being that besides the startup, you'll only ever hear it again when you're victorious, and almost invariably at the end of any Doom 3 mod episode too. It's sort of like an awesome music of crowning.
  • From TNT: Evilution, we have Sadistic and Death's Bells.
    • The music from MAP14 (Steel Works) may not be the best song ever (mainly because it's a short, cool sounding riff surrounded by several minutes of dull bass), but its remix by TheWeekle manages to make it epic.
  • Doom 64 may not have much in the way of rocking tunes (only the opening and ending themes could be considered traditional music), but what it does have is an incredibly creepy and atmospheric ambiance that really helps set it as the most Survival Horror-y game in the series until Doom 3 came along (especially when you reach Hell). Here's one of the creepier stage themes if you need an example.

Ports and remixes
  • Hangarmageddon is an awesome version of "At Doom's Gate". And whilst we're on the subject, the Playstation version intro, whilst the title rises slowly from a sea of flames, can send shivers up your spine.
  • ZX Spectrum home port makes you wish you had that music on original version.
  • "Nobody Told Me About Id" is so good, it was used for the super secret level of The Plutonia Experiment and gets a new remix for every community-made sequel for it. So far we have Nobody Told Me About Plutonia for Plutonia 2 and I Already Know About Id for Plutonia Revisited. The latter is actually a remake of the SNES version of "Nobody Told Me About Id", though this doesn't detract from the awesomeness.
  • Doom Metal. No, not Doom Metal, this is a bunch of remixed tracks, and they are awesome.
  • The music from the 3DO port of Doom deserves a mention. While the 3DO port itself is universally considered one of the worst Doom ports out there due to framerate and other issues, it's also universally agreed that it has the best music of any port, even putting the music of the original PC port to shame. A couple good examples are the 3DO renditions of At Doom's Gate and The Imp's Song.
  • While completely different from the original score, the PlayStation version's soundtrack (composed by Aubrey Hodges, who also scored Doom 64) is worthy of praise in its own right. Jettisoning the predominant heavy metal vibe of the original, the new score is more ambient and ominous, focuses entirely on building up immersion and suspense, and makes Doom feel even more like a horror game. And it works. In addition to the menu theme above, check out Hangar, Plant and Toxin Refinery for a good sampler.

  • The mod Back to Saturn X has plenty of original, great tunes. To wit:
    • Entering. The very first map, and it's got a very touching and sentimental track.
    • 24. It may not be fast-pumping heavy metal, but it manages to sound mysterious, beautiful and a little tense.
    • The haunting and mysterious Mystproj.
    • Scattered Ashes. Someone described it as sounding like a badass cowboy theme, and it's an apt description.
    • The highly intense Ominus.
  • Requiem also has plenty of underrated gems:
    • Rage.
    • Lordly Might plays on the tenth map to amp you up, which is helpful because before the end of the level you will have your first showdown with a Cyberdemon.
    • Mesmarine plays at the intermission screen, on the first secret level and on the thirteenth map. And the thirteenth map has plenty of monster ambush spots, which fits - even more so if you're playing at the highest difficulty.
  • Icarus: Alien Vanguard is one of the megawads that excels in soundtracks.
    • Recapture really sets up the mood for the first stage, and retaking back a shuttle so you can use it to travel towards the eponymous space ship. And at the end you can hear The Demon's Dead from Doom II.
    • Map 04: Engineering gives off a perfect sci-fi feel and the feeling of unfamiliarity, since you're millions away from your home planet.
    • Map 10: Slow Evil. Slow as the title says, but still great enough for firing through hordes of demons.
    • Map 11: Feeding Frenzy. This map has lots of enemies, and the tendency to encounter hiding chaingunners and other monsters around the corner makes this map frantic as hell (pun intended). But thanks to this song, you can turn that frantic feeling into a helpful rage.
    • Map 32: Prestidigitation. A nice short relaxing jazz track for a short easy stage (the stage has more goodies than enemies, and the enemies and their placements aren't that hard).
    • Map 12, Hydroponics. The demons really ruined Icarus. The song tells you that you should make them pay for that! You can hear some parts that will make you think of space. Yeah, Doomguy has been into space but not that far away. You're actually near Beta Pictoris.
    • Map 25, Another Fine Mess. Ever wondered what would Thriller sounds like if it was remixed modernly and with beeps properly? This is the result.
  • Valiant: "Sunset Over Babylon", a mysterious-sounding, exotic, grim tune; and "Dark Angel".
  • STRAIN: "TechnoDoom", a fast-paced dynamic song. Composed by the same guy who composed the music on Requiem. And "Promenade", which has a bit from "Running from Evil" from the original Doom II, and it gets pleasingly melodic in the middle.
  • Memento Mori II: "Give In (With Pressure)", a great relaxing upbeat tune. The same description goes with "Nothing So Cruel", and "Backroad Wanderer.