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Awesome: Yoshiki Hayashi
  • Any X Japan concert in general. Being able to consistently deliver moments of awesome despite going through illnesses, injuries or anything for that matter is just close to impossible that even some hardcore metalheads are wondering if he's even human.
  • Helping Toshi to leave Home of Heart, after having stuck by him as a friend even when Toshi's cult leader was trying to break him from everyone who knew him in the past or could help him. Not only that, he arranged a sudden concert to raise money for Toshi and provided for him until he can get on his own feet again.
  • This 2010 interview with ShockHound. It's all in very clear, understandable English and it is some of the deepest insight on the meaning of rock as a genre ever.
  • The ENTIRE 2010 North American tour. He played through major injuries and illness (including neck pain and a thyroid storm) to play a two-week, seven-show tour with the shows spaced very closely. In later interviews, it would be stated that his doctors were astounded that he managed a concert tour in his condition.
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