Awesome: Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru

  • Episode 1: Yukino's little lecture for Yui, doubling as an Establishing Character Moment for the former.
    Yui: "Maybe I'm just not cut out for cooking. I don't have the... What do they call it... Talent?"
    Yukino: "The only solution is to try harder. Yuigahama-san, you just said you don't have talent, correct?"
    Yui: "Uh, yeah..."
    Yukino: "Try changing your perception. People who don't apply even minimal effort have no right to envy those with talent. Unsuccessful people are unsuccessful because they can't imagine the effort that successful people have invested."
    Yui: "B-but lately, everyone says they don't do it. Stuff like this doesn't suit them."
    Yukino: "Could you please stop trying to match everyone around you? It's terribly annoying. Aren't you embarrassed, looking to others to tell you why you're awkward, clumsy, or foolish?"
  • Really, any of his speeches/internal monologues are awesome but Hachiman's speech in Episode 5 resonates with many at 4chan or My Anime List for example. It may hit close to home, but it sums up how a lot of single guys (or girls) feel regarding their chances.
    Hachiman: "I hate nice girls. If they so much as say hello, it stays on my mind. If they return my texts, my heart races. The day one calls me, I know I'll look at my call history and grin. But I know that's just them being nice. People who are nice to me are also nice to everyone else. I almost end up forgetting that. If the truth is cruel, then lies must be kind. That's why kindness is a lie. I gave up on always expecting it, always mistaking it, and even hoping for it. Someone who's worked hard at being alone doesn't fall for the same trick twice. I'm a veteran at this. I'm the best there is when it comes to losing. That's why I'll always... hate nice girls."
    • The series as a whole can hit introverted people close to home.
  • In a meta example, the series has grown to the point where it is widely considered one of the top Light Novels, and regularly achieves the number one spot in LN awards. Hachiman has won the number one male character position, and Yukino and Yui have made it into the top female character list. Not too shabby for a series many people brush off as a standard romcom harem show.