Awesome / Way of the Samurai

  • Way of the Samurai 4, the Amihama Eight quest. Your character, along with 3 of the Samurai Lords and the Yakuza Quartet proceed to take on an entire army of foreign invaders. And if you managed to hire them, Dojima and Sensei later joins in to help you. The last Samurai Lords also join you near the end. It culminates with a duel between you and the commander of the invasion force.
  • The Hidden Path in the Fourth game contains a lot of these. Spoilers due to it being, well, hidden.
    • The first scene. You, a nameless samurai just arrived in town, managing to defeat Akagi - leader of the Prajina -, Melinda - the British Commander, Kotobuki, - the head of the Magistrates, and the 3 Kinugawa sisters. Knowing just how horrible the latter 3 are just make it all the more sweeter. Especially when the crowd cheer you on afterwards.".
    • Laura's about to be boiled alive, despite Kotobuki's best efforts. In come Moro, Kogure and the nameless samurai, the latter catching the Ambassador as she's about to fall into the boiling pot. They then proceed to take on the Demonscales. Kinugawa, seeing that his forces were losing, takes Laura hostage, only to be foiled JJ, who's fully healed from his torture at the hands of the 3 sisters. Then Akagi shows up with Prajina members, and join in the alliance against Kinugawa. Your character then proceed to duel Kinugawa over the platform, while in the background the alliance fight the Demonscales.