Awesome / Total War

  • You are fully capable of pulling these off with your armies. Mostly denoted when the end-of-battle statistics pop up with the words "HEROIC VICTORY" splayed across the top.
    • Very possible to capture a castle and defend it the very next turn against an army two or three times the size of your defenders simply through smart placement and movement of defending units. It's also extremely satisfying.
    • On top of all that, starting from Rome: Total War, your generals' exploits will become the stuff of legends in-universe. Your general will gain a reputation (and requisite stat-boosting trait) of Four-Star Badass, and for the rest of your campaign there will be a monument on the campaign map dedicated to your victory.
    • In the Rome: Total War expansion pack, Barbarian Invasion, the Western Roman Empire is an overextended wreck that's falling apart at the seams. All the 19 other factions in the game want a chunk of your territory, you have no money (and will start collecting debt immediately), all your troops are tied down keeping public order, and you will lose several key cities to rebellion. To make matters worse, several barbarian hordes are already en-route to conquer you, including the Huns, which are almost as unstoppable in the game as they were in real life. That said, any player who has the tactical skill and logistical savvy to save the Roman Empire will feel like an absolute badass for averting one of the most inevitable outcomes in history and reforging the Pax Romana. ROMA INVICTA!!!