Awesome: The Quiet Man

  • The fist-fight between Sean Thornton, oh right, John Wayne, versus Red Will Danaher. Basically what the whole movie is building toward. The fight not only helps Thorton's self-torment over having accidentally killed a boxer in the ring, but it resolves a handful of other issues the villagers of Innisfree were coping with.
    • And the winner, not Danaher.
  • While they don't actually do anything, the thinly veiled threat from the IRA comes across as kinda badass. Michaleen certainly seemed to think so.
    Danaher: So the IRA's in this too, huh?
    Forbes: If it were, Red Will Danaher, not a scorched stone 'o your fine house'd be standin'.
    Michaleen: A beautiful sentiment!