Awesome / The Not So Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner

  • If Bree kicking Alec off a roof and escaping like a bandit in the night isn't awesome what is?
  • Alec pointing out the total hypocrisy of the Cullens' humane lifestyle by breaking down how many hundreds, if not thousands, of people died in order to create and sustain the vampire army sent to destroy Bella and the Cullens. If they had taken the initiative and put a stop to what was happening in Seattle or contacted the Volturi and asked them to help then the whole thing would have gotten resolved a lot soon with a smaller body count. Instead the Cullens were so concerned with keeping Bella human a couple extra months and worried what the Volturi would say if they found out they were dragging their feet the Cullens essentially allowed an untold amount of people to suffer for their selfishness.
    • Sort of takes the sparkle off everyone's favorite vegan vamps, huh?