Awesome / The Icemark Chronicles

  • Pretty much every time the words "Blood! Blast! AND FIRE!" and "OUT! Out! Out! OUT! Out! Out! OUT!" are uttered, you know something awesome is about to happen.
  • Oskan calling down lightning to save Thirrin in the first book. Sure, it nearly killed him, but he fried thousands of soldiers, and demoralized the entire Polypontan army so badly that Scipio had to kill almost a thousand to whip them back into attacking again.
  • Thirrin's first battle goes like this: her "army" of 200 versus the cavalry pursuing them, numbering 1500. Despite having no previous combat experience, she holds them off long enough for her allies, the Oak King, to send his own contingent of soldiers, who promptly turn the fight into a one-sided owning.
  • The Icemark holding off an army five times their size during the siege of Frostmarris, for months. By the time the campaign was coming to a close, the Polypontans were starting to wonder whether they shouldn't just ally with them rather than destroy them.
    • Not just the royal army, either. There are paragraphs in the book describing how the "barely-trained" militia in each city was able to hold off attacks from the Polypontans far longer than expected, allowing the civilians to flee.
  • Each instance of The Cavalry.
    • First book: Oskan receives a vision about the allies arriving, and runs to ring the Solstice Bell to warn Thirrin. As it rings out, the werewolves announce their presence with a bone-chilling howl before charging in. On the other side of the Polypontans, the Oak King and Holly King flank them viciously with their own army, and the vampires fall on them from above. In minutes, they have the Polypontans running for the hills, and ultimately "more than half the invading army" was killed just trying to get away.
    • Second book: Sharley lands an army of corsairs on the shore and flank the Polypontans from behind. Meanwhile, the vampires return with a vengeance and completely wreak the airships, who weren't expecting an attack in broad daylight.
    • Third book: Oskan teleports Thirrin's entire army into Frostmarris, right on top of the undead there. While they duke it out he teleports himself to Cronus and Medea and proceeds to own them completely.
  • In the third book, Tharaman wrestles a Triceratops to death. After being mortally wounded in an explosion. Words cannot describe just how awesome that is.
  • Also in the third book, Her Vampiric Majesty taunting Cronus in just about every encounter they have.
    Her Vampiric Majesty: And alongside that contempt [you feel for us], you also feel rage, hatred...and fear.
    Cronus: I have long since forgotten the experience of fear. It's the weakest of emotions, and I've expunged it from my psyche!
    Her Vampiric Majesty: Do you really think so? Hmm, perhaps you're right. Then amend "fear" to "terror" and add to it uncertainty, lack of ability, and in-com-pe-tence.
  • Again in the third book: Oskan defeats the most evil being in the universe, his own father, and his equally-powerful daughter, with barely any effort thanks to The Power of Love.
  • Tharaman-Thar, the King of the Snow Leopards, surviving a huge explosion and going on to wrestle a Triceratops to death.
  • In the first book, the Icemark holds off an army of 600,000, from what was essentially the Roman Empire, with their own piddling army of 150,000, for weeks. This was regarded as so awesome In-Universe that their enemy grew to consider them a Worthy Opponent and began singing their praises.
  • Even before that, there were a lot of instances of the Icemark's badassery. Like the badly-trained militia of a few random hick towns holding the line long enough to let the civillians escape. Holding the line against elite soldiers.
  • In the first book, Oskan calls down lightning to kill a portion of the invading army that was about to kill Thirrin, despite knowing full well it would probably kill him. When the allies arrive, his ringing of the bell and alerting the defenders of this fact is pure awesomeness.
  • In the third book, when death finally comes for Oskan, he accepts it with unrivaled dignity, greeting it warmly, as if a friend.
  • The Vampire King is awesome personified. He's even awesome from beyond the grave.
  • The Vampire Queen gets one in the last book, where she responds to Cronus's rhetorical question about whether she thinks she can defeat his flawless plan with "Yes".
    • Keep in mind this is after she'd already insulted his wardrobe.