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Awesome: The Histories
  • 300 Spartans (and 700 Thespians) holding the pass in ThermopylŠ against hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the Persian army for far longer than expected, inflicting major casualties despite being outflanked.
  • The naval battle of the Hollows of Euboea, in which an Athenian-led navy forms a hedgehog and survives against a vastly-larger Persian fleet that had encircled them.
  • The Battle of Salamis, in which disciplined and well-trained Hellene sailors throw a much larger Persian fleet into chaos and even open up the possibility of cutting off the Persian land army's retreat route.
  • The Battle of Plataea, a great land battle in which the numerically-superior Persians are slaughtered en masse due to their lack of training or armor, even though they are of equal bravery to the Spartans.
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