Awesome / The Crooked Man

  • David at one point drives away the Crooked Man using nothing but old brandy and a lighter.
  • When David has to save D. He smashes through walls using a hammer and an iron pipe, pries open an elevator, climbs a ladder, all while having to half-carry D in an area filling with poisonous gas.
  • When Paul saves David's life. He goes somewhere that's a day away, runs up a bunch of stairs, and punches David enough times that the Crooked Man loses his control over him. All without setting off the gun David was holding to his own head at the time.
  • Granted it almost ends up killing David at one point, but it's nice to finally pick up an actual gun to fight the Crooked Man with instead of having to constantly improvise with things that are just lying around.
    • Even without the gun, every single time David pulls a You Shall Not Pass and uses whatever's on hand to defend someone is supremely badass.