Awesome / The Chronicles of Prydain
aka: Chronicles Of Prydain

  • Taran drawing Dyrnwyn in the final book, and slaying all the Nigh Invulnerable Cauldron-Born in a single blow, as it's power unravels the magic that maintains their undead state.
  • Also, when Taran fights Dorath, he uses a sword he forged himself, while Dorath fights with the sword he stole from Taran (which was given to Taran at the beginning of The Black Cauldron). Taran's new blade proves so much better that it actually shatters Dorath's.
    • This is a symbolic way of showing that Taran's character has been developing since he obtained the sword to begin with, with the now older, wiser Taran overcoming his younger, inexperienced self.
  • Dallben gets one when Pryderi comes with a group of soldiers to kill him. For four books he's been called 'the greatest enchanter in Prydain' but done little more than a little light divination between naps. Here his power is finally shown.
  • Rhun, previously identified as a well-meaning clod, pulls off a beautiful one in The High King when he confuses the enemy into thinking he's brought a giant army with him.
    • During the raid, Gwystyl also has a Let's Get Dangerous! moment or two which shows that Eiddileg probably knew exactly what he was doing when he appointed him as a watcher.
  • Prince Ellidyr repents of his pride, bullying and treachery - but knows they are innate to his character and that his repentance won't last. He solves the 'insoluble' problem of how to destroy the Black Cauldron via Death Equals Redemption.
  • The Power of Friendship is aptly shown when Taran returns to the Commots in Book 5, and the strength of his reputation is such that most, if not all of the Commots, men and women, pledge their loyalty to Taran. As he toiled for Hevydd and Dwyvach, so they promise that they will toil for him.
    • Also a moment of fridge awesome for Hen Wen, as her image becomes a standard equal to that of any of the others.
  • In its own quiet way, Taran using The Power of Love to light Eilonwy's bauble in Book 3, and her doing the same to "turn night into noon."
  • King Math only gets one moment of awesome in the series, but it is most definitely a Crowning Moment of Awesome ( he goes out Defiant to the End).
  • Taran and his group holding back and delaying the Cauldron-Born, despite the fact that the Cauldron-Born cannot die.

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