Awesome / The Cat Returns

  • While the character is not one of Ghibli's best, Haru earns one when she rushes out into traffic to rescue Lune, armed with a lacrosse stick.
    • She gets another one later on in the Cat Kingdom when she tells the Cat King off.
    "I've had just about enough of you! Nobody decides who I am but me, and there's no way I'd ever marry you!"
  • Uh, everyone's forgetting about Baron. I mean, He's Awesome! Look at below quote from a YouTube reviewer to see just how cool he is. Plus, how he takes shaves the Cat King with one pass of the sword! Guess what happens at least once in any Cat Returns fanfic involving those two characters (they may also usually has Baron saving Haru).
    • Quote: "He exudes coolness with every step he takes. Case in Point: Need to sneak into a heavily guarded castle disguised as Zorro to save a friend? No problem? Need to take out a bunch of armed guards with nothing but a cane while looking delightfully suave while doing it? No Problem! Need to free-fall thousands of feet above the ground with no discernible way of landing safely? No Freaking Problem!"