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Awesome: Thawing Permafrost
Thawing Permafrost, being set in Yokai Academy of monsters, is also by no means lacking in its Crowning Moments of Awesome, mostly of the dramatic kind.

  • The final fight between Dan and Kotsubo, possibly the ultimate example of Love Makes You Evil in Thawing Permafrost (but by no means the last). Kotsubo takes his obsession for Mizore to a completely different level, which makes the victory all the sweeter.
  • When Kaiyo, the supposed Psycho Ex-Girlfriend as the author very cleverly led their readers to believe, turned out to have another example of an ex who became a villain, complete with a problem with her relationship with Dan. The plan to get rid of her psycho ex-boyfriend, Masumi, and his brick shit house of a side-kick was definitely a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
    • The revealing of Kaiyo's true form before promptly knocking seven shades out of Masumi was such a Crowning Moment of Awesome that it deserves its own subsection.
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