Awesome / Tetrapod Zoology

  • Anytime Naish decides to respond to cranks, whether in the comments or as a full-blown post.
  • The April Fools' jokes for their sheer scope and effort put into them, as well as the satire that makes its way into a few. Also Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • The publication of the first Tet Zoo book.
  • The vesper bats series. The first (and so far only) long Tet Zoo series (20 parts!) to actually be completed, and in roughly just a single month at that. And yes, it covers every extant species of vesper bat.
  • The entire blog itself for zoology blogs.
  • Naish's identifications of several strange animal carcasses widely sensationalized as "monsters" in the media. Revealing the "Montauk Monster" as a raccoon carcass might be the best (and most famous) example.
  • Covering the obscure snake Bothrolycus ater, just to see exactly how much can be said about such an obscure species. Yes, we still get a lengthy, informative post.
  • Showing us that rabbits of all things are "the freakiest of all mammals".
  • Discussing cryptozoology in a scientific manner, instead of the stereotypical pseudoscientific junk practiced by many self-proclaimed cryptozoologists.
  • The very first post (with actual content) and you just know that this blog is something special.
    Steve Bodio (first commenter on said post): First, this is without a doubt one of the best blogs ever— I'll put it on my blogroll immediately.
  • The fact that, even with schedule slips, Tet Zoo has been updated at a fairly regular pace over the years, something that many other otherwise excellent science blogs haven't been able to manage.
  • Naish's review (the first ever!) of Dinosaurs: The Most Complete, Up-to-Date Encyclopedia for Dinosaur Lovers of All Ages.
  • The fact that on at least one occasion what started as Tet Zoo article eventually resulted in an actual publication in peer-reviewed journal.
  • There's now a TetZooCon!
  • Darren doing a post on things he has gotten wrong over the years.