Awesome / Superman III

  • The Superman vs. Clark Kent fight was the best part of the movie. And the music at the end...
    • It perfectly illustrates what Superman fans have always known about the Superman/Clark Kent identity, and why it's necessary: Clark keeps Superman grounded, and that's why the "mild-mannered" reporter is stronger than the Man of Steel.
  • It is dated, but Superman tackling a chemical plant fire is pretty awesome too, particularly the final salvo — when the firefighters' hoses fail, and with only minutes before volatile acid inside the plant will vaporize into a corrosive cloud, he learns from them that there's a lake a few miles away. He flies over, freezes its surface with his breath, and flies a giant platter of ice back to the site of the fire. Dropping it over the blaze results in an impromptu rainshower that quenches the flames and stablilizes the acid. The fire chief said it best: "Damn! That man's a miracle!"