Awesome / Stick It

  • The final competition of the movie has one of these. After one of the main characters does a very difficult move perfectly and isn't given the deserved score (she gets deducted simply for an exposed bra strap), the other gymnasts scratch on purpose in order for her to get the gold medal, doing the same as they choose who they think deserves to win and let her do it, so that instead of the judges controlling the scoring with obscure rules, they do it by leaving the judges no choice.
    • That "very difficult move", incidentally, is the Produnova vault, aka the handspring-double-front. To this day, only one female gymnast — Elena Produnova herself, the Russian gymnast who debuted it — has ever landed that vault in competition. Mina landing that vault makes her only the second woman in the history of the sport to complete the most difficult vault in women's gymnastics.
  • Wei Wei's beam routine, full stop.