Awesome / Secret Histories

  • When searching time through Merlin's Glass to find warriors to aid the family, Eddie sees that one such warrior, Giles Deathstalker, is about to be stabbed from behind. So Eddie shoots the bad guy through said Glass.
  • Eddie, standing in the Sundered Lands, surrounded by elves, STILL manages to work up enough nerve and balls to stare down Queen Mab and get his friends and himself free.
  • Cyril Drood, aka the old Sergeant-at-Arms, staying and fighting on the Damnation Way to let the others save the world.
  • When Giles Deathstalker challenges Eddie to a duel to test his "skills," the Matriarch answers the challenge - promptly throwing Giles down and armlocking him. Without armor. Oh, and she's in her 70s, while Giles is a perfect soldier from the future.
  • Roger Morningstar sends his ex-girlfriend (and Eddie's current one) into Hell. Eddie starts swearing vengeance... whereupon she returns, commenting on how "hardcore" Eddie's threats were.
    Roger: You can't be here! You can't! I sent you to hell!
    Molly: Been there, done that.
  • In the first book, both Martha and Eddie are desperately trying to douse the hellfire flames that are killing Alistair, to no avail. Even the armour is useless, yet Molly just reels off a couple of lines in Latin and the flames vanish.
    Eddie: Those were hellfires... How did you—
    Molly: Please. Remember who you're talking to.
  • Only in a Green novel could you find an army of evil teenage Immortals, transforming mid-battle into bone-plated ogres and gargoyles, battling the heroic Spawn of Frankenstein led by a Bride who's punching their faces in with spiked silver knuckle-dusters while Springheel Jack, her new boyfriend, guards her back!