Awesome / Rumpole of the Bailey

  • The episode "Rumpole and the Last Resort" has one for Rumpole's wife Hilda, and another for Rumpole himself: After Rumpole fakes his own death as part of a Batman Gambit, the slimy solicitor Blythe attempts to persuade Hilda to accept a small fraction of what he owed to Rumpole in back fees, but she forces him to pay the full amount; then Rumpole appears in the courtroom during Judge Bullingham's eulogy for him, and proceeds to question Blythe within an inch of his life.
  • Claude Erskine-Brown finally gets one in "Rumpole and the Reform of Joby Jonson," in which he chews out Sam Ballard—in public—for undermining his application for promotion to QC. Even Phyllida is impressed.
  • The novel, Rumpole and the Reign of Terror shows how far Rumpole will go to fight for his belief in a fair trial by jury, no matter what the charge, or what the opinions of his colleauges, family, or establishment. The defendant is completely innocent, he was being framed all because his neighbors wanted his house.
    • The Timsons actually break ties with Rumpole because of his willingness to defend an accused terrorist (who is in fact their in-law), but by the end of the novel they note how none of the other barristers are satisfactory so they ask him if he's willing to be their legal counsel again. And Rumpole has no problem saying yes.
  • One of Rumpole's skills has always been the ability to find fault in shoddy forensic work, often uncovering the fact that the prosecution has relied on some "expert" testimony which, when he conducts his own investigation, doesn't really hold up. However, of particular note was "Rumpole's Return". Rather than some second tier forensic expert, Rumpole manages to challenge Professor Ackerman (who literally wrote the book on blood work) and win.