Awesome / P. G. Wodehouse

  • In Uneasy Money, Elizabeth does something quite unusual for a Wodehouse protagonist; she explains the overheard, misunderstood conversation. And then kicks Bill out anyway, since she knows there's still enough doubt in both their hearts to wreck any relationship they might have, even though it breaks her heart to do so.
  • A real life case: John Lithgow credits "Uncle Fred Flits By" with giving his father Arthur the will to live again after a serious operation at age 86 left him massively weakened. After a few months of suffering through his barely being able to get out of bed, Lithgow found the book of short stories that the family loved so much in his childhood and read his parents the story, and by the end they were all laughing hugely. The next day, his father seemed like his old self again and lived another year and a half.