Awesome / Ocean Girl

  • Jason standing up to the PRAXIS agents.
    Jason: No one heavies my mother.
And they back off!
  • Jason is seventeen at the time.
  • In "The Arrival", Michael and Vanessa are working on Michael's reading skills when his mother barges in and says he's supposed to be working on his reading, not spending time with girls. He claims that he is, but she doesn't buy it. When Vanessa defends him, his mother says that Vanessa doesn't know her son. The following rebuttal ensues:
    Vanessa: I know him, all right. He's been a revolting, two-faced little creep, but he's not the only one to blame for that, is he?!
    • Shortly after, Mick FINALLY stands up to his mother and tells her how he really feels about everything.
  • For the last 2 episodes of Season 2, Froggy is working towards fixing HELEN after she was sabotaged by UBRI. While he initially has his doubts, Rocky convinces him to go on with it. He manages to connect it up and it works! It becomes a Crowning Moment of Awesome when you consider that the original plan was to get a new computer from the mainland.
    • Froggy playing around with the computer was also toyed around with in the first season. Commander Lucas's response to saving his daughter? Call in a 10-year-old boy.
  • Season 3 has Lena "moving out" from her place after she saves Jason and Brett from getting captured/killed by UBRI. While Jason and Brett take her in, the real awesome moment comes a few episodes later when Lena confronts her father in the elevator. He threatens to have her pulled from ORCA. She proceeds to shut him up by telling him that she'll go public with what she knows about UBRI, which is enough to have it shut down and Hellegren arrested.
  • During an early Season 3 arc, Winston is discovered to be unable to swim or dive (somewhat odd for a marine geologist), however, Benny manages to find a loophole stating that if Winston can learn to swim and dive within a set time, he can keep his job. The Commander agrees, but only gives Winston until the end of the week to be up to scratch. Winston manages to do this in the time period allotted.
    • In addition, Dave Hartley becomes Winston's tutor, but is also stuck tutoring Brett, Cass and Benny. You gotta admire the man for having guts to take on all four of them at once.
  • Winston's friend Camilla comes onboard ORCA and is quickly discovered to be a UBRI spy by Brett. Winston eventually cottons on and in the most calm voice possible, manages to not only communicate his anger, but also manages to make her leave...without shouting.