Awesome: Moulin Rouge!

The 2001 film:

  • El Tango de Roxanne! Even people who hate the film will usually agree that this is just a goddamn cool scene.
    • The Come What May finale also qualifies, specially when Zidler punches the Duke in the face.
    • Sparkling Diamonds. Never let it be said that Satine doesn't know how to make an entrance.
  • Awesome Music: El Tango de Roxanne. Sung by a narcoleptic Argentinian.
    • The Show Must Go On. Come on, it was originally performed by fucking Queen, people!
    • Also, the Elephant Love Medley. Forget the song title.
    • "Bolero", the extraordinarily epic end credits music.
    • Your Song. That's All, Folks!
    • Lady. Fucking. Marmalade.
  • Zidler punching the Duke in the face right at the end of Spectacular Spectacular.
    • Made all the better because he knows it will ruin his livelihood, but his Bohemian ideals are not so crushed that he can't strike a blow for truth, beauty, freedom, and especially love.
  • Chocolat saving Satine from The Duke's Attempted Rape with a fist to the skull.
  • Princess Petite (The Dwarf dancer) dropping a sand bag from above ontop of Warner's head when he goes to shoot Christian.