Awesome / Moulin Rouge!

The 2001 film:

  • El Tango de Roxanne! Even people who hate the film will usually agree that this is just a goddamn cool scene.
    • This cover is arguably better than the original.
    • The Come What May finale also qualifies, specially when Zidler punches the Duke in the face.
    • Sparkling Diamonds. Never let it be said that Satine doesn't know how to make an entrance.
  • Awesome Music: El Tango de Roxanne. Sung by a narcoleptic Argentinian.
    • The Show Must Go On. Come on, it was originally performed by fucking Queen, people!
    • Also, the Elephant Love Medley. Forget the song title.
    • "Bolero", the extraordinarily epic end credits music.
    • Your Song. That's All, Folks!
      • To further elaborate on why this one is awesome, it begins with Christian somewhat embarrassed reciting the first verse as a poem, while Satine is getting more and more...aroused. Not entirely sure what's going on, he then turns to the window and out of seemingly nowhere belts out the next line ("My gift is my song") resulting in Satine stopping her actions and the bohemians staring. It escalates from there.
    • Lady. Fucking. Marmalade.
    • "Come What May" is the most gorgeously overwrought, poetic, bombastic love ballad ever to be performed on film, sparkly synth, soaring high notes and all. (Not to mention becoming something of an anthem for those whose love is scorned by society, the LGBT community included.)
  • Zidler punching the Duke in the face right at the end of Spectacular Spectacular.
    • Made all the better because he knows it will ruin his livelihood, but his Bohemian ideals are not so crushed that he can't strike a blow for truth, beauty, freedom, and especially love.
  • Chocolat saving Satine from The Duke's Attempted Rape with a fist to the skull.
  • Princess Petite (The Dwarf dancer) dropping a sand bag from above ontop of Warner's head when he goes to shoot Christian.
  • During the 'Come What May' reprise onstage, when Satine drops the cynical ending in favour of singing her feelings to Christian. On the line 'Come back to me/And forgive everything' in particular. What makes it awesome is the power Kidman gives this note, coupled with her doubling over after finishing it, because the TB is heavily taking its toll on her.
  • The entire finale of Spectacular Spectacular following from the above, really. You go from Christian quoting the original line of the sitar player with absolute conviction ("Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love!"), to Toulouse finally remembering his line that is the entire movie's mantra ("The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return"), which is what prompts Satine to do the above. This in turn inspires the Bohemians and all the Moulin Rouge players to pull (as the track title says) a coup d'etat by reinstating the original ending the Duke had vetoed. At this point the ensemble joins in in a lavish and stunning number that somehow manages to overlap and harmonize almost every key song in the musical as a counterpoint to "Come What May"—"Your Song", "One Day I'll Fly Away", "Children of the Revolution", "The Show Must Go On", and even a bit of "The Pitch". It all culminates with Zidler's punch of the Duke that sends his gun flying out the window until somehow it strikes the Eiffel Tower. It's over-the-top, and it's glorious.