Awesome: Max Steel 2013

  • The CG effects are rather impressive, particularly anytime Max and Steel go Turbo.
  • Max's budding TURBO powers combined with his natural athleticism helping him to avoid and later scare off the bullies.
  • Max first bonding with Steel and their subsequent escape from N-Tek Headquarters.
  • Forge saving Max with a jump jet.
  • The entirety of "Come Together: Part 3". We get Steel beating Dredd with a few lasers and power lines to save Max; the capper is that he was running on mere energy fumes. We also get N-Tek proving their Badass Army status by defeating Dredd's robot Mooks and the two Elementors, bonus points for both sides having good aim, and finally Max's showdown with Dredd.
  • Max and Steel having an energy overload to defeat Miles Dredd for the first time.
  • Max's second battle with Dredd in "Secret Identity Crisis", bonus points for Sydney standing up to Dredd as well as Kirby saving the bus.
  • Max and Steel defeating the Water Elementor by overloading him with limestone and clay. Better known as cement.
  • Troy Winter is just made of awesome. He outsmarted N-Tek, beat Molly who is the best agent, and stole Dredd's Ultra-Link.
    • Dredd gets one in the same episode by showing Winter the consequences of betrayal.
  • The debut of the Turbo-Sword.
  • The Air Elementor taking on all of N-Tek and Max Steel with hardly a sweat.
  • Forge getting Dredd to have a slight Villainous Break Down so he can escape his cell.
  • 3 Words: Turbo. Speed. Mode.
  • 3 more words: Turbo. Cannon. Mode.
  • Max and Steel defeating Toxzon and Ultimate Elementor with his new Doppleganger Attack.
  • Max VS T-rExtroyer in "Thanks, I Think".
  • "Earth Under Siege". ALL OF IT.