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Awesome: "Manos" The Hands of Fate
  • "No. YoU hAve faIleD youRseLves."
  • For some viewers, just being able to sit through this film. It takes guts.
  • The MST3K episode is practically one for the Mads, as it drives the 'bots to tears and even manages to get Joel angry, if only briefly ("DO SOMETHING! GOD!"). In fact, the film so effectively breaks the SOL crew Frank and Forrester, independently and without the other's knowledge, call up to apologize.
  • Ben Solovey's restoration of the original workprint is awesome, as is the fact that his Kickstarter campaign to raise funding went above and beyond the necessary amount. And his rationale for the restoration is both awesome and heartwarming at the same time.
    "Though it’s doubtful I will change anyone’s minds about Manos, I would like to send a message that every film, regardless of the place it holds in movie history, deserves a fair shot to be maintained and presented in the best way possible."
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