Awesome / Kimi ni Todoke

  • Sawako owning Kurumi and her manipulation attempts, without even realizing it.
  • Kent owning Mogi because of his obliviousness about the affect his treatment of Ayane had on her.
  • Chapter 69, 70, 71, all showcasing how good a teacher Pin is, the streak of advice compiled with his usual sharp and direct approach is what makes it best since he's still completely in character while at it.
  • Most of the love confessions class as this since the readers/viewers have been desperate for the characters to spit it out for such a long time. What they become afterwards strongly depends on the result.
  • Kurumi slapping Kent round the face near the end of Season Two when he suggests a sleazy tactic for her winning over Kazehaya, something she's beyond at this point.
  • Chapter 73: Sawako gives Kazehaya a kiss on the cheek. I repeat. Sawako gives Kazehaya a kiss.
  • Chizu and Ryu's first kiss. It only took them 88 chapters.